Wednesday, June 19, 2013

BBC Persian Employees with Islamic Republic Flag in Trafalgar Square

BBC Persian Employees led by Massoud Behnoud in Trafalgar Square، showing their loyalty to the Islamic Republic flag

British tax payers money is spent on these people raising the Islamic Republic flag in Trafalgar Square.

Young girl inside Iran waves the Iranian tri-colour without the Islamic Republic insignia:


Parisa said...

It seems like you have never been in England at the time of World Cup where every TAX PAYER is carrying flags of foreign countries.

Anonymous said...

Parisa, Are you a retard? We are talking about a rogue state that has jailed and killed many journalists. Do you think it is expedient for the BBC employees to raise that flag which specifically identifies that rogue state and a flag which is so politically charged and disputed by so many Iranians as our national flag?

Anonymous said...

Parsia are you that old that you can remember world cup 1966?
Or you're that stupid that you don't know the difference between Olympics and world cup?

Anonymous said...

These are not true Iranian and they don’t give a shit that who is destroying beloved Iran.
For those are surprised to see Islamic fascist flag in hand of BBC Employees, should know IRAN history, otherwise it would be very difficult to digest it.
For those who don’t know history, BBC is mouth piece of Islamic fascist regime and supporter of terrorist Islamism from last three century. To know the true side of British foreign policy must read history of Iran and to understand whole picture.

Anonymous said...

It makes my blood boil that a bunch of sold-out traitors live in the freedom of the West and support a disgusting Islamist regime in the name of so-called "reformist". The BBC is a well known anti-Iran entity that promotes these hyenas occupying our country.
Parisa,I live in the UK and therefore pay the BBC licence fee.I resent the fact that the BBC uses my money to pay these traitors to promote a barbaric terrorist regime in the name of "reform". That flag is not the Iranian flag,but the flag of Ahriman.Any Iranian that carries that flag when abroad is a sell-out to Iran.

Anonymous said...

Look, who`s talking about freedom! Those who were involved in every killings and bloodsheds call Iran a rogue state. Don`t worry, those bbc clowns are nothing but worthless traitors who prefer bread to freedom. they are your friends not ours, you cunning foxes.