Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Killing of Shiites in Egypt and the Late Tame Reaction by the Islamic Republic

The killing of Shiites on Sunday in Giza, Egypt, by the Salafi hate mob, was one of the most barbaric and inhumane crimes I have ever had to endure watching yet. It ranked second in terms of extreme brutality, only to the similar mob lynching of the Ahmadieh followers in Indonesia.

The Salafi mob which killed the defenceless Shiite worshippers in the Giza village, were not human beings, they were not even animals, for I know of no animals who would do this to each other. These were devils reincarnated who were standing over four suffering men, watching them die slowly, while cheerfully chanting Allah Akbar, God is Great! and in their warped skulls with their single cell brains, they deluded themselves by imagining they were securing a place for their own after life in paradise, with 72 virgins.

I expected a strong swift reaction and condemnation by the Islamic Republic, the state which claims to be the defender of the Shiite faith. I expected to see similar reactions and swift condemnations and rabble rousings I have seen by the Islamic Republic when civilians die in the Arab-Israeli conflicts. Had this been an Israeli lynch mob beating four Arabs to death and dragging their bodies in front of cheering crowds, the Islamic Republic state TV would have been constantly showing the scenes and stirring the Muslims across the globe to rise up for revenge.

Yet, there was nothing! Nothing on state TV and nothing on their news websites! Once again the Islamic Republic hypocrisy had been selective in what to report and what to condemn. It must have been a memory lapse on my part not to have remembered Islamic Republic's selectiveness in condemning atrocities, like how they were silent against the killing of Muslims in Chechnya and in China.

It wasn't until late in the evening the following day that finally Farsnews reported the incidence and a statement by the Iranian FMA followed 24 hours later. The late  FMA statement incredibly placed the blame on none other than the Zionists! It asked the "wise and revolutionary people of Egypt in unison with their astute political leaders to smash the Zionist plots as they did in the past when the Zionists had tried to divide the Muslim and Christians in Egypt".

The real problem in my opinion however lies with the foreign policy dilemma that the Islamic Republic has got itself into. How can it refer to the Egyptian revolution as "Islamic Awakening" and claim it was inspired by the Iranian revolution and the Egyptians were looking at the Islamic Republic of Iran as their role model and at the same time show defenceless Shiite worshippers be lynched by their fellow Egyptian revolutionary compatriots in such a way?

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nehad ismail said...

It was disgusting that Muslims still kill each others just because they belong to a different sect. It is a common occurrance these days particularly in Pakistan. Every week there is incident of killing or bombing Shiite mosques. Those who committed the crime in Egypt must be punished severely.

nehad ismail