Thursday, July 25, 2013

Islamic Republic State TV Special Report on the Birth of the Royal Baby

See Full Transcript below:

Nothing could have manifested English people's hatred of their monarchy as much as the birth of this baby
A birth that took place after 9 months of controversy during which the Queen of England tried her best to seen more and cover up her weaknesses
VT report:
[bells ringing]
The sound of church bells can be heard ringing again, bells that are indicative of a high costs the people of England have to pay.  England has one of the most reactionary and medieval forms of governments.
This time the bells are not ringing for the coronation or another royal wedding, but this time the bells carry the news of a new birth in the Royal family.
The royal family had placed a whole collection of media outlets and their cameras, from a month before,  outside the hospital where the royal bride was being looked after
What the media outlets had to do during the birth of this latest heir to the throne was to convince the public opinion of the people in England that monarchy is accepted by them. 
[the VT then shows Pooneh Ghoddoosi from BBC Persian outside the palace wearing a black dress]
But amongst all this when the presenter of the official English media was making a live report wearing a black dress outside the palace, the Queen's guards apparently gave her a scolding and forced her to change her dress [she is then seen wearing a formal white suit]
Finally on Tuesday, they unveiled the new heir to the throne, the baby is a boy and the announcement was placed on a luxury tripod in the palace yard.
[a VT of a parliamentary ceremony is then shown]
and the "red jackets" once again threw in a big party. Without a doubt, he is the most expensive baby in the history
[report shows some presenter as saying..the subtitle that the birth is boosting Britain's economy is ignored]
" is estimated the cost of this baby so far has been $375 Million"
The prodigality of this royal family has resulted in much protests across this country. People are fed up with the power and wealth concentrated in the hands of a few
[a protester is interviewed]
These expenses are paid out of the pockets of tax payers
This troublesome baby has already resulted in the death of a nurse. This nurse had been talking to reporters about the royal bride being pregnant and died a few days later, in mysterious circumstances
The British government claimed the nurse had committed suicide because she was so upset at disclosing the news of the pregnancy
[a passer by is interviewed who says all this luxury and lavishness for the birth of a baby is unacceptable]
[David Cameron is seen congratulating the couple outside Downing St.]
[A Ladbroke spokesperson is interviewed saying the government is constantly cutting back on health services but there is never a penny cut back on Royal family expenditures]
The Queen reigns as an absolute dictator in this country
She can annul the parliament and appoint the key positions
The Prime Minister is also chosen by a parliament whose members have been appointed by the Queen
This baby is the third in line to the throne
If Queen Elizabeth II, who has been reigning for 60 years, dies there are two other waiting in line

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