Monday, February 06, 2006

Evening Relaxation

After a hard day of snowboarding, skiing, or mountain climbing, how does one rest his sore and aching limbs and muscles. Well they have a very strange way of doing it here.

In the evenings when the temperatures reach -13 C, you run to an outside sauna with just a towel wrapped round your waist. If you are lucky enough and have not slipped on the icy surfaces with your bare feet, you stay for 15 minutes in the sauna with temperatures of 110 C.
After 15 minutes in the outside sauna, you run out again and jump, this time into a freezing pool of water and submerge yourself from head to toe. But believe me, you are out of it as quickly as you jump in it ( I think you die otherwise, well you should). Then its out in the cold again into a natural outside thermal water. This one is meant to be about 39 C. You sit in there and watch the stars in the skies. Something you want to prolong as much as you can, otherwise you have to face coming out again.

This strange relaxation custom is supposed to soothe your sore limbs and muscles. Does it work? I think it does, but I didnt get the chance to try any other alternatives. I was just glad, I didnt come down with a cold the next day.

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