Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Omar Khayyam is a Drug Dealer

It would be unfair to say the British police is not the best in the world. Of course that does not mean they should never be criticised. I remember in one of our demos, the police told us to bring down some of our placards. They showed pictures of public executions in Iran, and the police thought they were too offensive for the passers by. We also had to refrain from shouting, "Down with Terrorists", the word terrorist, we were told was too provocative. A friend of mine who was intending to travel to Iran, the month after, had his face covered with a scarf, in order not to be recognised, and bizarrely, the police chief in charge that day asked him to either remove the scarf or leave the demo. Police camera men were also taking photographs of us with their big zoom lenses, while we were shouting 'Long Live Democracy'! I was really bewildered by their demeanour on that day. "Do they realise who the real enemy is here?" I thought to myself.

Last week, Muslim extremists demonstrated too, with placards which encouraged to kill people. Most of them had their faces covered, and one of them by the name of Omar Khayyam, was dressed like a suicide bomber. The police did not show the same consistency they applied to our demo.

This morning, it was revealed, that Mr. Omar Khayyam, the demonstrator dressed as suicide bomber, is actually a heroin drug dealer and was on parole when he took part in the demo.
He is in fact serving a 5 year prison sentence for pushing a nasty evil drug on the kids in his neighbourhood. So much for the "noble cause of martyrdom" he was trying to demonstrate.

For me however, he is guilty of a much more serious crime. If I had the power I would have given him a 30 year sentence for bearing the same name as the Persian secular free thinker Omar Khayyam, and thus spoiling a good name. The original Omar Khayyam, loved life, and cared not for the promised paradise in the after life. He lived for the day and said we should treat every day as if we are in paradise. The parents of the British Muslim drug dealer, could not have thought of a more inappropriate name for their son.

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