Wednesday, February 08, 2006

One Law for Abu Hamzeh, One Law for Fathers

Here is a summary of British Justice system, and how the mainly pervert legislators in UK have lost the plot.

For seven years anti-terror police were aware of Abu Hamzeh's criminal activities, and evidence was sent to prosecutors "on several occasions" but no action was taken by the Crown Prosecution Service.

Former anti-terrorism officer Charles Shoebridge said he thought no action was taken against Abu Hamza for so long because the authorities had a "misplaced fear of alienating mainstream Muslim opinion".

Now compare this complacent CPS attitude with how the British Justice System treats fathers. The British Justice system denies fathers access to see their children, so the greedy mothers get maximum payments. Fathers can be jailed, have their driving licenses withdrawn, be electronically tagged and soon have their credit card data made available to CSA.

If fathers in Britain get organised and fight back, may be for once the authorities will have a "fear of alienating mainstream male opinion".

Picture of the brave British father who rightfully pelted Ruth Kelly with an egg and shouted "Justice for Fathers not for Paedophiles". And before anyone, like the scum Sun Newspaper, calls this kind of thing extremist, remember how the women suffragates got the vote in UK.

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