Thursday, August 24, 2006

Hoder Goes Nuclear

Hoder's latest post and why he thinks the Islamic Republic should obtain nuclear weapons:
Iran Needs Nuclear Weapons

Everyone is entitled to their views, but I like people who live according to their views. My only problem with the likes of Hoder is why do they choose to live in secular democracies where they can think and say what they like?

Hoder seems to think Islamic Republic is not that bad, fine. So Hoder why don't you pack your bags and go and live in the Islamic Republic of Iran which has nuclear weapons and preferably some where near Natanz or other nuclear installations?


C.H. said...

Maybe he's afraid to go back for very long, because a while back he announced that he's bisexual and is afraid of what will happen to him if he gets caught with a guy?

Winston said...

check this

I appreciate your feedback, sir

Azarmehr said...

Where did he announce he was bisexual? I hope you haven't made this up.

Pasha said...

I am not sure, whether we must comment on every nonsense of Herr Hode (Mr. Hoder), but otherwise I think Herr Hode is not Herr Hode, because Herr Hode is Akbar Maslahat (Hashemi Rafsan-JANI) is Miss Fariba (Mohammad Khatami) is Mahmoud Mashang (Ahmadi-Nejad) and because Herr Hode is like Behnoud and company part of the propaganda campaign of the Islamic Republic.

Herr Hode! The Islamic Republic is not Iran. Is it really difficult for you to understand that the Islamic-Fascists don’t represent our Iran? Do you really think that we are stupid and don’t take notice of your word choice? You mean Islamic Republic but you say Iran.
What Iran needs is not what the Islamic Republic needs. Do you understand this? Do you understand that the Iranian people must decide by themselves what they need?
But what we definitely don’t need is the dictatorship of your patrons.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Hoder has said that IRI is good. He has only expressed an opinion whether Iran should possess nuclear weapons. I think Azarmehr should not make things up.

I also note Azarmehr is very keen to find out whether Hoder is bisexual and I wonder why! I think we all know Azarmehr's views on gays (from previous postings).

btw, thanks for providing a link to Hoder's blog. Best thing you have done on this blog.


Anonymous said...

Regarding Pasha's brain fart:

I think you meant to post this on Hoder's blog, and not here !! Hoder does not read this blog, so cannot see your precious political piece.


Azarmehr said...


Why dont you put a link to your web page/blog whatever, so that we can be sure you are not Hoder. You seem to have very similar views.
Oh and good luck with your efforts regarding getting a fatwa from one of the Shiite Sources of Emulation to declare weblogs as private property :)))

Winston said...

He announced his bi-sexuality a while ago on orkut.

c.h. is right. I saw it too!

Anonymous said...

hoder is a fat-head stooge of the mullahocracy

Anonymous said...

Behnam you are really really thick. If Hoder didnt read Azarmehr's posts how did he write about this:

"Potkin Azarmehr, one of the organizers, writes in his blog:

You see, QED. You are really thick
but then again thats why you support the mullahs.

N. :>

c.h. said...

I wouldn't make up something like that.
It became quite a topic of discussion (so to speak) on the comment section of his blog about 1 year and 1/2 ago.
Many thought he was just gay before that.

Anonymous said...

Probably not worth replying to N. Just look at his words and you can tell his IQ level.

In response to Azarmehr:

"Oh and good luck with your efforts regarding getting a fatwa from one of the Shiite Sources of Emulation to declare weblogs as private property :)))"

When I saw the interview I thought this was very funny too. Hoder seems a bit naive politically. However, this does not make him a supporter of mullahs.

I am not a Hoder supporter. Just wanted you to keep high the quality of your web log. Look at the kind of audience you have. Just read some of the above!

The problem with having discussions with most Iranians is they label you almost immediately. Like for example, if I say Hoder is not a mullah-supporter, then Azarmehr assumes that I agree with whatever Hoder says and I become a Hoder follower.

One of the things they teach in UK lower schools is how to debate. I can tell Azarmehr has been educated under a different sort of schooling and for him everything is either good or bad (as Hoder would say).

Keep the arguements at higher level.

btw, I do not have a weblog.


Anonymous said...


How can you still argue when you get caught red handed and are so wrong?!

You said
"Hoder does not read this blog, so cannot see your precious political piece."

Yet Hoder in his own blog quotes Azarmehr's blog. So he must read it, so you are wrong and thats that.End of story. Now go and play with your mohr and tasbih, you hezbollah apologist.

N. :>

Anonymous said...

hoder the idiot is attacking you again

Anonymous said...

So in your view point if anyone says something favorable about a country, he/she should pack their shit and move there?

What are you 12 year old?

Azarmehr said...

Well Hoder is Iranian. He supports the Islamic Republic. He thinks Islamic Republic has free and fair elections and should even obtain nuclear weapons. He also does not have a regular job. I see no reason why he does not live in the Islamic Republic?

This kind of attitude reminds me of Iranian Communists who supported the Soviet bloc, but when the fled Iran they decided to live in Capitalist Imperialist countries that they were so intent on overthrowing!!

I am sorry despite your annonymous name calling and insult, I can not understand such logic. If the Soviet Union and the Soviet bloc were such a utopia why did they prefer to live in "Globe Eating US Imperialism" as they referred to US?

What Hoder suggested in his interview with VOA that Iranians should get a fatwa from a Shiit eSource of Emulation to declare weblogs as private property, to me is more in tune with a 12 year old's thinking :)

Anonymous said...

Supreme Leader mentioned Hoder


Pasha said...

A woman can not be a little bit pregnant. A woman is pregnant or is not pregnant. This is very simple and easy to understand. An Iranian can not be a little bit for the Islamic-Fascists and a little bit for democracy. What we need are clear positions. I am against the Islamic Republic. How do Herr Hode (Mr. Hoder) and Behman think about that? Are they against the Islamic Republic or not? Can they answer this question? I think the reaction of them will show us whether they are mullah-supporter or not.

Anonymous said...

Hoder's disgusting ways while he was in Israel. He acts all intellectual and says to Western media "I wanted to bring understanding between the two nations" blah, blah, blah.

This is what he was doing in Israel embarassing the Israeli girls with is vocabulary of profanities.

What an ambassador!!!! Hoder's followers should be so proud of him.

Pasha said...

Dear Potkin,

do you mean me with getting in contact? I don't have a web blog. How can I give you my e-mail adress?


Azarmehr said...


I got your message. Its sorted, thanks.