Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Three Iran Student Activists in Danger of their Lives

Three student activists were arrested by Iran's Ministry of Intelligence and Security on Saturday August 19th. The three are named below:
1- Abolfazl Jahandar, Business Management, 2002 Graduate of Allameh Tabatabaee University
2- Kheirollah Derakhshandi, Industrial Management, 2002 Graduate of Yazd University
3- Jamal Zaher-Poor, Industrial Engineering, 2003 Graduate of Khaje Nasiraldine-Toosi University.

Father of Kheirollah Derakhshandi expressed concerns about the physical well being of his son. Kheirollah Derakhshandi, one of the student activists, was arrested nine days ago and has not since been allowed to see his family.

His father Mojtaba Derakhshandi said: “we have not been able to have any contacts with him since he was arrested. The entire family has gathered in front of Evin prison a number of times but we were told that we don't have permission to see him.”
He expressed concerns about his son's physical health saying: “our only information came from one of the representatives of the revolutionary court who told us last Wednesday that he is being held in section 209 of Evin prison.”


C.H. said...

I hate reading this

Pasha said...

the drunk Zahhak sits there
and grins at us
he smells our sweet blood

the drunk Zahhak sits there
and wants our blood
he wants our blood for his bloodthirsty snakes

the drunk Zahhak sits there
and grins at us
he doesn’t know that our sweet blood will drown him on a shady afternoon

Anonymous said...

we must do someting about it now. it is just so disgusing that they can do what ever they want and we couldn't stop it,not even once.

RoxieAmerica said...

Please keep writing. Please keep telling the stories. Please keep getting the word out. Please talk with friends and co-workers.