Monday, August 21, 2006

Iranian Hezbollah in Action

Here is a glimpse of the Iranian Hezbollah in action, smoking opium with a woman. According to Amir Farshad's blog, the subject is Haji Abdolreza Helali, who sings anthems praising the joys of martyrdom for the Iranian Hezbollah.

Last year during the Shiite holy month of Moharram, Haji Helali was asking the "supreme leader" to give him permission to shed the blood of those women who do not observe the Islamic Hijab properly. This is a guy that encourages young gullible devout Shiites to become martyrs and on Friday prayers praises the heroics of the Hezbollah in Lebanon.

The video shows how Haji himself performs heroics of martyrdom alongside devout women :))

I so detest hypocrisy.


Winston said...

one word: DISGUSTING

Anonymous said...

Have we expected some thing else from a drug addicted horny sleazy hezbollahi? The whole hateful clan of hezbollahis lives by means of crime for sex and drug.

Anonymous said...

what you see here is a 5 second video bite. The women in the video for all you know can be his wife or sister and there is no proof that he is smoking opium rather than just a normal sheesa. Depending on what your opinion is is what you will see in this video and come up with your own hypethesis on who the women is and what is in the hookah.

Azarmehr said...

Shut up you tart! the guy in Iran himself has admitted it was not his wife, only for you to run to his defence! He also accused his wife's brother for having spread the footage as payback for him seeing another woman.
How much more do you need to bend over for the thugs ruling Iran??