Friday, September 08, 2006

Why Khatami's Visit is Wrong

I am all for dialogue and engagement with one's worst enemy. In every conflict an avenue for dialogue must be kept open. There are more than enough examples in history for me to mention here, where opposite forces have sat across the table and talked. Engagement, after all, is not endorsement.

Similarly, if Khatami's visit to the US was merely a channel for dialogue with the Islamic Republic, or it was a way of passing on a message to the mullahs, then I would not have a problem. Who knows what is happening behind the scenes, but Khatami's visit is more than that. Khatami is given a platform to publicise and broadcast Islamic Republic propaganda. It wasn't enough for Khatami to have fooled the Iranian people with a lot of nonsense for 8 years, now the Western powers are giving Khatami a platform to fool their own population. Then they wonder why they have a home grown terrorist problem?!

Khatami is giving lectures and holding press conferences, with his cunning smiles and words, he bombasts his usual rhetoric to the unaware and naive audiences, "dialogue amongst civilizations"; what claptrap! In these press conferences he is not confronted with the Iranians who were imprisoned for their beliefs during his 8 year reign, he is not confronted with those Iranians who lost their loved ones. No one asks him "why don't you have a dialogue with those who suffered during your time?". Let Khatami face his victims of eight years of presidency, lets see how he holds a dialogue with them.

I hear some of the victims of Khatami's 8 year presidency gathered in the National Press Club, but how much coverage did they get? How many national newspapers covered their plight and their side of the story?

In one of my previous posts, I warned of the dangers of second "cultural revolution" in the Islamic Republic, but what do Western universities and academics do? Do they stand up for their colleagues in Iran? Do they care that university academics are being purged in Iran for being secular? No they invite Khatami to St. Andrews university and plan to offer him an honorary PHD this coming October!

The notorious Islamic Republic Judge, Mortezavi, comes to Geneva and heads a human rights delegation! Cocksure and undisturbed. Mostafa PourMohammadi, Minister of Interior in the Islamic Republic, implicated in grave human rights violations will also be going to New York later this year.

Then they wonder why they have a "home grown" problem in their own back yard!


Winston said...

It seems that Bush ordered the State dept to issue his visa.

Still, it is disgusting to have this idiot in the US

Anonymous said...

khatami´s visit in USA, is just a try to extend their power-permission.He is the marionette of khamenei.they are useless now...the contract is over,expired...the new era begin...

Anonymous said...

طرح گفتگوی تمدنها از همان روز نخست فريبی بيش نبود که به دست استراتژيست های مکّار جمهوری پليد اسلامی ريخته شد و از زبان شيخ رياکار خاتمی به زبان آورده شد. اين طرح مدتی هموطنان صادق ولی سادة ما را به آينده ای بدون خشونت و آزاد اميدوار کرد. اروپاييان و چين و ژاپن و ديگر چپاولگران بين المللی هم فرصتی چند ساله يافتند تا در زير چتر گفتگوی تمدنها مدتی ديگر با جمهوری فاشيستی حاکم بر ايران عزيزمان به داد و ستد بازرگانی و اقتصادی ادامه دهند.ولی گفتگوی تمدنها چه است؟
نخست اينکه يک گفتگو است يعنی گفتن نظرات خود و شنيدن نظرات ديگری. حال از خود بپرسيم که در طول تاريخ کی و کجا آخوند جماعت اهل گفتگو بوده است؟ آيا تا قبل از کودتای بهمن ۵۷ ملّايان که هنرشان بالای منبر رفتن بود عادت به گفتگو داشتند؟ در آن بالا که تنها روضه خوانی می کردند و اشک مردم را در می آوردند. تنها گفتگويی هم که بلد بودند از جمله بحث با خود بر سر اين بود که چه چيزی اصول دينشان که همان نماز است را باطل مي کند. اکنون که با غصب حکومت به جان و مال مردم دست يافته اند چيزی دگرگون شده است؟
گفتگوی تمدنها پس از آنکه يک گفتگو است سپس يک گفتن و شنيدنی است که بين دو يا چند تمدن روی مي دهد. حال پرسش ديگر آن است که آخوند و شيخ نمايندة کدام تمدنی هستند؟ آيا عقب ماندگی ذهنی, آيا جزم انديشی و خرافه باوری, آيا آدمکشی و حبس و زندانی کردن, آيا خيزش برای به اسارت در آوردن دنيا, آيا دزدی و چپاول وجوه يک تمدن است؟ جواب ساده و کوتاه است: خير.
خير دوستان, جمهوری پليد فاشيستی اسلامی نه اهل گفتگو است و نه تمدن می شناسد. بی تمدنی و بی فرهنگی از کردار, از گفتار و از پندار زشت آنان پيدا است. سفر شيخ دغلکار خاتمی به آمريکا تنها نشانه ای است بر اينکه قافيه بر فاشيستهای اسلامی تنگ شده است و سردمداران اسلامی به دست و پا زدن افتاده اند که امری است خوشايند. ديدن آخرين نفسهای ضحاک و ماران بر دوشش ما را به آينده اميدوار می کند. احمدی نژاد که ماية ننگ هر ايرانی است و ديدن او در آن مقامی که نشسته است عرق شرم بر پيشانی ما مي نشاند نيز خواهان گرفتن ويزا برای آمريکا و آمدن به نيويورک است. او نيز بی شک در صحنة مکاری و دغلبازی نقشی بر عهده دارد تا بر عمر نکبت بار جمهوری اسلامی لحظه ای بيفزايد. ولی چه خوب که اين ها ديگر آخرين سکانس های فيلم جنايی و ترسناکی است به نام جمهوری اسلامی. چه خوب

Chester said...

You're right!
I can't understand this at all.

Anonymous said...

Once again "Oshnou" (Winiston) opened his mouth. You gays are bunches of dino's.. get a life

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hoder is picking on you again. he is such an idiot

Chester said...

Anonymous the Communist has dropped by.

Anonymous said...

Universities and tolerance
By Alan Dershowitz

Khatami sued in the US:

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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no wonder you call yourself "ghorbati"!!

Anonymous said...

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