Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Iranian Teachers Beaten up Again

More Iranian teachers were beaten up outside the Islamic Assembly in Tehran yesterday. Many were prevented from joining the rally by road blocks and fear of previous brutal crackdowns, but despite the smaller numbers yesterday, there was no reduction in the brutality of the Islamic Republic security forces.

Some of the teachers were huddled into unmarked cars and taken away to undisclosed locations. One teacher suffered a stroke and another was unable to talk after having been so savagely beaten up.

Amongst the arrested was Sorraya Darabi, whose husband Mohammad Khaksari, editor of a Teacher publication, is still in prison. There are reports that their eldest son, Sajjad has also now been arrested.

Of course the Islamic Republic apologists and lobbyists, the current champions of the British academic institutions and the Champagne Socialists, admonish all Iranian dissidents and those who report on such crackdowns. In their view while their beloved Islamic Republic is under "external threat", there should be no dissent or reporting of dissent.

See CASMII's protest at Znet's mild criticism of the Islamic Republic on 18th May, 2006:
At a time that Washington's plans to attack Iran are according to Seymour Hersh in their operational phase, it is regrettable that your petition caves into US propaganda by devoting more space in its text to condemnation of the Iranian regime, which is to a large extent based on fallacies, inaccuracies and exaggerations, than to opposing the US warmongers. As citizens or residents of western countries, our essential duty is to oppose the aggressive and imperial policies of our own elected governments which we face and can impact rather than present a misleading and condescending picture of the internal situation in Iran and promote our version of "democracy" for a country with a different culture than ours. In our view, the petition as it stands does not work in favor of the freedom loving people of Iran, nor does it justify the good intentions of the thoughtful people behind it. Rather than joining the bias Western media and condemning Iran for human rights violations at a time when there are explicit plans in place to attack Iran, we feel that it is our obligation to expose the double standards of the Western media and the leaders. The war crimes and the gross violations of human rights committed by the coalition forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, the human rights issues in Israel, and the Arab client states of the United Sates, as well as the violations of the U.S. Constitution, international renditions, Guantanamo Bay, and torture, will remain our main area of public focus.” CASMII, June 11, 2006

or an email I recently received from an Islamic Republic apologist, Shirin Saedi ( ), from Cambridge Universty and a member of the CASMII editorial, who desperately tried to justify the crimes of Islamic Republic :
"....any country under threat passes extraordinairy laws to bypass democratic institutions."


Anonymous said...

يكي از مامورين در پاسخ به اعتراضات مکرر مردم، علت حضور نيروي انتظامي را به اين شكل بيان مي كرد: "اين حكومت پول مردم را خورده است و آنان را از سرپناهشان بيرون کرده؛ از اين جهت مردم چاره اي جز اعتراض ندارند و ما هم اينجا جمع شده ايم تا اگر اعتراض آنها شديد بود و فحش دادند آنان را بزنيم و درجه هاي بيشتري بگيريم. جالب است نه؟"

Translation of above:

One of the plain clothes agents replied to innocent passers by who were asking what was going on
"This regime has stolen money from people and kicked them out of their shelters, and people have no alternative but to protest, and we are here to beat them up in case they protest too much, and get promoted for beating them up. Its interesting, no?"

Anonymous said...

Three members of a family in prison! Father, mother and son! and for what? for wanting a decent wage!

Anonymous said...

Appalling! The regime bears the seeds of self-destruction within itself.These are desparate acts of a dying monster.

This is also disgusting while people like Derkhshan decry how racist the Westerners are:

Iran pulls the rug from Afghan refugees
By Haroun Mir

Where do the leftist loones stand on this issue?

Anonymous said...

So, everything Shah did according to Shirin Saedi's logic should have been justified. I'm glad we have that straightned out.

Millions of Germans democratically elected Hitler, does that mean Hitler's actions were justified?

Anonymous said...

I congratulate you very brave people for standing up against an illiterate and barbaric regime of criminals !!unfortunately you are wasting your time trying to converse with such dogs,and will most likely 1 day have to revert to the only thing they understand violence and give them some of their own terroism back ,but not let them know who is responsible,this is the only way they will ever get the message so take a page out of their own book and kidnap all the top officials and make them dissapear as well as the ugly fat women who police clothing ,they are just jealous .Sometimes peace is fought with violence or rather has to be ,but it is better to have them afraid than you yourselves thats for sure ,We wish you well from the west !mabey you should ask help from the us ,or english im sure they would do something .i think that we in the west are more horrified than you yourselves as we cannot understand nor comprehend that kind of treatment to anybody in this day and age , you may also want to send your pictures that you have here to all the main tv /newspapers /to get more exposure as to what is really going on and mabey it will pressure them to stand by your cause ,which is so just,Send the pics everywhere we dont know much about whats going on ,and expose these illiterate dogs for what they are ,they are not a government they are nothing more than a terroist gang !! GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF YOU AND I HOPE FOR THE WELL BEING OF ALL OF YOU VERY BRAVE PEOPLE !!