Thursday, July 19, 2007

Fun Thing to Do!

I was reading in Hoder's post today a reference he made to the occasion when along with BBC Persian adviser, Massoud Behnood and another BBC Persian reporter, Behzad Boloor, they went to the Iranian embassy in London and voted for Rafsanjani to be the next president of the Islamic Republic.

Well I was not surprised to hear the scum bag, Massoud Behnood to go to the embassy to vote - on the first round of elections he denied voting on VOA Persian, saying he did not have valid documents to vote with. Scum bag Massoud Behnood's expertise is in nothing other than how to be close with whoever is in power. To hear Behzad Boloor also voted for Rafsanjani however, was a bit of an eye opener for me. I had met Behzad Boloor once in a party. He seemed like a regular guy and full of jokes against the ruling clerics in Iran. How could he be so naive to vote for the very person who was at the peak of his power during the mass execution of Iranian political prisoners in August-Septemeber, 1988??

I had to ask him and was hoping that he would say, Hoder is talking crap, I was never with him. Yet this was his reply to me:

'I know it look sstarnge now but that day it was a fun thing to do since I ran away from Iran during Rasanjani's time.
dar shahr e kooran ... yek cheshm padeshaast'

Well in the eyes of those who promote the Islamic Republic, Behzad's vote was just another statistics that people of Iran take part in these "elections" and that Islamic Republic is a "legitimate democracy". Its so sad to see so many Iranians refer to their past mistakes that have contributed to a sheer catastrophy for our country, as 'it was a fun thing to do at the time'!

And one wonders how all the likes of Hoder, Behnood and Behzad Boloor end up in the BBC Persian?!

May be I will bump into Behzad somewhere again, and may be afterwards I will be able to say about the encounter, "It was a fun thing to do!".


Anonymous said...

i'm speechless!

Anonymous said...

Elbert Hubbard once said:
Genius may have its limitations, but stupidity is not thus handicapped !

Reading Mr. Boloor's response (or others like him who boast of choosing between the lesser of two evils)‌, makes me a firm believer in the above quote ;-)

Anonymous said...

Azarmehr - Hoder, Behzad and Behnood are doen and dusted all three are traitors. But there are others that should be kept a keen eye on. For instance there is a Daniel Brett who has spent the past 2 years trying to create several fictious seperatist movements in Iran. I have outed him at Harry's place. My name is Rostam Farrokhzad. (check out the comments to the "Balochistan on the Radar post).

Its important for us all to not only ensure that Hoder and the gang get outed as traitors but that we also ferret out and outside sponsored influences like British sponsored faked seperatist movements - headedd by guys like Daniel Brett. We want an Akhound free Iran not a destroyed Iran.

Azarmehr said...

You are absolutely right Rostam. I have had a few email encounters with Daniel Bert and I know exactly where he is coming from.

The best reply to any separatist nonsense was given by an amazing eight year old Afghan girl I met
"We in Afghanistan were separated from Iran, are we any better off?"

Give me your email and we'll work on this Daniel Bert nonsense crap.

Anonymous said...

have you seen this??? I think this is the infamous Hoder....

I have no words. So, because the Basiji did not enforce the dress code, the crackdown is acceptable???????? How dare he compare people who are pro-life, pro-love, pro-democracy, pro-sex/pro-porn (you will see why I mention sex if you read the article...he is the one that decides to put sex in it), pro-Western beliefs, pro-freedom to...well, read the article and find out??????
Since he is such a Basiji supporter, why is he in the UK????? (or is he in another Western country..I know he lived in Canada and even went to my university!!!! ) Why isn't he "enforcing Islamic dress codes" or beating up intellectuals like the rest of them?
I am so disgusted....

Anonymous said...

Very enlightening, indeed. Political prostitutes will sell their own mother to the highest bidders.

Sheena said...

The situation in Iran is indeed desperate but it is encouraging that there are people like you and your friends who see clearly. It is worrisome too that here in the USA the religious right doesn't see the dangers of mixing religion with politics.

Anonymous said...


Harry's Place took out the entire thread dealing with Daniel Brett. Readers here shoudl know that Brett and Peter Tatchell are being paid to encourag eethnic tension in Iran amongst in Khuzestan (which they call Ahwazi) and Sistan Baluchestan (which they call Balochi)

You'll see the ugly gimp at 55 secs into this video of the demonstration he organised by hiring some Palestianians off the Edgware Road and taking paying them to demonstrate in front of the Iranian Embassey.

I have the Islamic Republic and am opposed to it heart and soul - but we must be smart in weeding out British agaents spreading sedition in Iran. Email Harry's Place editors (from front page) and tell them that the Tatchell Balochistan story and the earlier stories (use google and search for Ahwazi) are stories planted by unsavoury individuals and organisations.

See notes at bottom of this good article on British Arabists:

There is a US blog called Gozar

Anonymous said...

you can read about Hoder the cendeh here:

Apparently he comes from an Akhoound family. Why am I not surprised? True Iranians need to out this traitor. I have been trying to tell all Iranian bloggers that he is a fraud. He comes and goes to Tehan with no problem while calling imprisioned academics and students American Spys. He willregret the day my path crosses with his.

Anonymous said...

from b-bbc blog

OT and for reference only but go to Harry's Place and check out the comments thread on Balochistan. There you will see how an Iranian blogger demolishes an opponent and unmasks him as a Guardianista financed by FO-arabists. An example par excellence of what top-notch bloggers can do.
Allan@Oslo | 19.07.07 - 12:20 pm |

Anonymous said...

Sheena -

"It is worrisome too that here in the USA the religious right doesn't see the dangers of mixing religion with politics."

How about some examples?