Sunday, July 29, 2007

Police Commander's Admission

"If we had not carried out the campaign against thugs and hoodlums, then you would have seen how the network that gives them orders to disrupt the society's security would have created havoc after petrol rationing." Islamic Republic Police Commander, Ismaiil Ahmadi Moghadam, speaking at the 'Police, Society and the Security of Society' seminar on Wednesday.

So there is no doubt now. The whole campaign and the reason the Iranian press photographers were purposely brought to cover these brutal public beatings, was to create terror and fear amongst the population in anticipation of public protests against petrol rationing in the Islamic Republic.

Commander Ahmadi Moghadam is also Ahmadi-Nejad's brother-in-law.


Anonymous said...

جمهوری اسلامی از روز نخست به قدرت رسيدن خونين خود, پايه های فرمانروايی منحوس خود را بر سرکوبی و ضرب وشتم و در نهايت کشتن ايرانيان استوار کرده است. صحبتهای کنونی فرماندة سرکوبگر داروغه های اسلامی در امتداد سخنان سالهای پيش شيخ رفسنجانی است. وی در سالهای هشتاد ميلادی روزی ياد آور شد که اگر امروز ده هزار نفر اعدام نکنيم, مجبور خواهيم بود که ديرتر صد هزار نفر بکشيم. آقايان آدمکش اسلامی در تنها امری که عاقبت انديشی می کنند، سرکوب و زندانی کردن و حلق آويز کردن و ديگر تبهکاری ها است. من از ايدئولوژی غير ايرانی و ضد انسانی ولايت فقيه انتظار ديگری نداشته و نخواهم داشت.ـ

Anonymous said...

This is not surprising, Afterall this regime s committed to genocide and slaughter. No?

Bahramerad said...

Please see the archive of Friday May 25 Th 2007.
Bahramerad said...
I have been wondering about all this photo's and films documenting the brutality of these shambles butchers against the Iranian Youth and Women.
Why so much of it and why now? why is there so much state photography and distribution of it?
My conclusion is that they are doing it on purpose.
They are trying to frighten the silent majority to stay quite and make sure nobody is breve enough to stand up to them.
Since the last few years, suspecting that the world community is gearing up against them and that they are getting serious about it, at first ANTARI NEJAD started his holocaust denial bullshit in order to get the people behind him, then when that failed, they started to beat the WAR drams, saying that the Americans are going to bomb Iran, and when the majority of the people welcomed such a move in other to be able to get ride of the mullah's, now they have changed tack.
As everyday they lose more man and power in Palestine, Lebanon and Iraq, they are now inflicting this repression on the ordinary folks back in Iran to say that they still have power at home and can cause damage, even if it is to their own people.
They are saying to the world community: LAY OFF or we will KILL MILLIONS in IRAN.
Therefore, I will be a little more cautious about these bastard's intentions from now on.