Friday, July 13, 2007

What Did Lenin Say About the "Iraqi Resistance"?

Communists are very much like religious fundamentalists in many ways. One of these similarities is when they rely on quotes by their holy figures, who have died many years or centuries ago, to resolve their "intellectual dilemmas".

Just by chance browsing on the Internet, I came across a debate between some UK Lefties on whether the "Iraqi resistance" should be supported by them. Simon Assaf and Ann Alexander of the Socialist Workers(?) Party (SWP), were quoting Lenin in July 1916 :), when Lenin was discussing the Easter rising against the British rule in Ireland and the other side were bringing up other quotes by Lenin. And there I was bemused by it all. The "Iraqi resistance" includes Moqtada Sadr supporters who drill holes into their kidnapped victims by electric power drills and Al-Qaedeh who behead human beings like sheep, and here we are the "intellectuals" and "progressive :)" figures of the Left who have to rely on Lenin's quotes from 1916 to resolve their dilemma of whether they should support the "Iraqi Resistance" or not?!

Meanwhile a human being has been put in a sack buried up to his waist and stoned to death in the Islamic Republic of Iran this week while another human being, a mother of three children awaits her stoning next. Have any of you heard any condemnation from these "Internationalists"? any demos? simple statements? anything?

Perhaps they are looking for quotes from Lenin about stoning! May be somewhere amongst all that writing there is a quote which justifies stoning by the Proletariat or criticises it as a bourgeoisie activity before they can make up their "progressive" minds.

What feeble minds, what pathetic creatures!


Anonymous said...

Well said. Very well said. Leftists are the scourge of the modern world. they come from and are the torch holders of the catholic inquisition of an earlier era.
Nothing more. Inquisitors.

Winston said...

متاسفانه کمونیستهای مملکت خودمون هم بدنبال این هستن که امریکا رو شکست بدن بجای اینکه به فکر شکست اخوندها باشند

Bahramerad said...

Thank you for exposing the left's bankrupt "intellectual dilemmas".
I really do not believe that the LEFT has anything worthwhile to say regarding the islamo-fascist's mayhem. They lost the plot with the arguments that Carter and his minions brought to the world and thanks to Reagan all that was stopped and lead to the destruction of Soviet Union. The left as we know it belong to the shit heap of history. FORGET IT.
They have nothing to say anymore worth listening to.

Anonymous said...

As you rightly say, why does a sane person need to read up on what Lenin or Mohammad or Jesus or ... has said many years ago to make up his/her mind on where to stand on something. Ideology is like a cult and like in a cult you stop using your brain and let your guru decide for you!

Anonymous said...

Excellent article!
Who says there is no relationship between gooz and shaghigheh?

If there isnt, Azarmhr can always creat one.

Anonymous said...

A very interesting essay about Soviet Propaganda and the methods of manipulating the useful idiots:

Anonymous said...

anon: Just because you brain is deficient to understand quantifying abstract concepts, it does not mean those correlations don't exist. I bet you that reading the above statement hurts your synapses and are causing the neurons in your brain to malfunction...heeeee