Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Pourya's Escape

We all saw the pictures and the film footage of the recent brutal Islamic police beatings of the Iranian youth on the Internet. The campaign to publicly beat the youth in the streets was solely aimed to instill fear and terror amongst the Iranian population. The Islamic regime rattled even by the recent punitive sanctions expects more and more social unrest like the protests at petrol rationing. The regime's answer, as always to the country's social difficulties, is to contain people by creating sheer fear in them. Such was the audacity of the regime that it brought along state media's photographers to film and picture the inhumane scenes of their beatings, and in order to dampen the international reaction to the graphical pictures of its barbaric nature, they claimed these were common "criminals and thugs" who had made life like hell for the local residents.

Two of those beaten in these attacks were brothers Pouria and Pouya Fazlollahi. Not only they are not thugs but they are most decent and likeable youngsters you will come across. Pouya is a national Greco-Roman style wresting champion and Pourya played for the national Iranian indoor football team. The two were local sporting heroes in their working class neighbourhood and much liked by the residents.

Yet they were targetted for the public beating campaign. Their crime was having been reported for spreading flyers in support of Reza Pahlavi. The residents who dared, protested as much as they could, but the beatings went ahead. Pouya's whereabouts is still unknown and Pourya was beaten up so badly that he was taken to hospital after several days of being held in a secret detention centre. His friends and supporters created a near riot in the hospital and managed to help him escape from the hospital. Pourya headed straight for the borders.

In the last four weeks or so, I have been nervously worried about organising Pourya's escape to safety. All the credit goes to my courageous friend, Afsaneh. This lioness who has suffered 8 years in the Islamic Republic prisons and lost her right eyesight as a result of continuous beatings to her head, volunteered to bring Pouya to safety through a perilous journey. Yesterday they both safely completed their journey. Pourya's wrists still bear the marks left by the tight handcuffs they had put on him, but he is remarkably in high spirits, particularly after Reza Pahlavi personally called him last night and listened to his horrific plight.


Hanif Leylabi said...

So it was ok when Bababozorg and Baba Pahlavi tortured people? Because people were allowed to wear miniskirts at the same time yeh?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the news. I hope his brother is safe

Bahramerad said...

I wished you stop calling our friend Reza Pahlavi and at least use his proper title Prince Reza Pahlavi.

Azarmehr said...


Reza Pahlavi has never tortured any one. As for the other two Pahlavi kings you refer to, here is a test of your knowledge on the Pahlavi kings.

How many Left wing political dissidents were prisoned or executed during Reza Shah the Great's reign?

A) 53. Only one was executed.

How many people were killed during Mohammad Reza Shah's 35 year reign?

A) Get your answer in here:

Even if you are still convinced that the rule of the reign of Pahlavi kings was so terrible, what does that have to do with Reza Pahlavi? If Henry VIII murdered his wives, does that mean Prince William will do the same?

The difference between you and I is that I would have helped Pouya even if he was a Communist, but you belong to the SWP cult. For you people must serve ideologies not the other way round.

SERENDIP said...

Thank you for this, potkin jan. Just skip past Hanif's adolescents ranting. He is consumed with hatred for those who don't think like him. A characteristic all too common to feeble minds.

SERENDIP said...

Potkin jan: check this out. What do they mean by "sex offenders"? Rapists? I don't buy that for a minute.,,2123914,00.html

blank said...

Excellent news! The people of Iran are going to take back Tehran from those vile barbarians who spread barbarianism in the name of Allah. It's only a question of time.

Azarmehr said...


Thanks for pointing to that article in the Guardian, thats why its important for the Western media to interview Pourya.

Aryamehr said...


Many thanks for this entry and your participation in securing this young man's safety. I think we all knew from the beginning of this "beating up campaign" that not all these youngster where criminals and that many of them where innocent people who simply had stood up to the tyranny of the Islamic Republic and exercised their inherent human rights - in pourya's case freedom of expression.

Don't expect too much progress from the brainwashed communist cult which this "Hanif Leylabi" is member of.

I'm reposting this on my blog with your permission.

Winston said...

I hope he is safe!

Gateway Pundit said...

Congratulations Azarmehr!
This is wonderful news.
I hope there is also good news for his brother soon.

Hanif Leylabi said...

And peoples standard of living in Iran is much better now than it was under the Shah. This doesn't mean the Akhhound regie is a good one and that their system should be supported in its entirety though does it?

Just because the Shah killed less doesn't mean he was a good person. And do your figures include people shot in the streets by the Shah's forces?

And how many people were imprisoned and tortured?

I'm talking about the past Pahlavis because you have prasied at least one of them before.

And a one generation gap and a 400 year age gap isn't a good comparison agha!

And your littlecomments like 'ideologies blah blah blah' are empty.

Azarmehr said...

You talk absolute bollocks! People's standard of living in Iran is not better now than under the Shah. In fact after 28 years and billions of Petro Dollars, the standard od living for Iranian people has been falling every year. Where do you get your shit from? Probably by the IRI agent and lobbyist in UK, Elaheh Rostami?

Read the article, from Baghi's research after the 1979 revolution. Figures include all the dead, demonstartions included, imprisoned etc. Did you want to add the numbers killed in road accidents too???
Compare those figures with the other regimes in the area at the time, i.e. Iraq, Turkey, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Soviet Union and the Persian Gulf countries and Pahlavi II seems like a pretty benign ruler.

As for the 400 year generation gap example let me give you another example. Sheikh Fazlollah Nouri was a reactionary cleric who opposed the Iranian constitutional revolution, his son on the other hand was a freedom fighter who was cheering as his dad was hanged. The grandson of the Sheikh Fazlollah Nouri, Noureddin Kianouri, on the other hand was the leader of the Iranian pro-Soviet Union Tudeh Comunist party.

I can give you other examples, to show you why its childish to judge someone based on what their fathers did. Is Stalin's daughter a murderer because her father was?Are Marx's offsprings Marxists? Were Einstein's children also nuclear physists? Is Bin Laden's son a terrorist because his father is? Or why go far? Is Simon Assaf of SWP, a Phalangist like his father who took part in the Tal Za'atar massacre of Palestinians?Is your way of thinking the same as your father's??
You should not judge someone based on their parents. I know Marx does not say this in his books, but trust me, its just common sense.

Reading too much SWP crap seems to have inadvertedly dropped you into Eugenics. Perhaps you would like to create a database of Proletarian Family Trees and then judge who you should back or not back based on their pure Proletarian ancesteries?? But then what do we Engles, since he was a Capitalist and a factory owner?!

SERENDIP said...

Potkin jan: Please give Afsaneh a big hug and a boos for me if she let's you. I feel like I already know her...I would give you a big kiss myself but my husband would not like it..hahaha

This hanif/kasif sounds autistic or mentally challenged...nothing to salvage there.

Anonymous said...

اقا این خزعبلات این فلان فلان شده کمونیست رو اینجا منتشر نکن

Azarmehr said...

AN above has written in Persian not to publish Hanif's comments. ON the contrary people must know what the likes of Hanif are saying and see the flaws in their childish one sided eugenic remarks. They condemn someone who does not fit in their ideological framework for something their father has done, but when their own member's father has been a Kataeb member in Lebanon and killed Palestinians in Tal Za'tar camp, they turn a blind eye! The public must see how pathetic these SWP lot are.

SERENDIP said...

Azarmehr: this is what an Iraqi wrote in another blog. I don't agree with everything he says but this gives you an insight into how Iraqi's feel about IRI:

"How could Israel be the staunch enemy of Iranian rulers? while Iranians are ethnically cleansing Arabs in Iraq, are working their best to destabilise Iraq, and
are supporting the Iraq’s vichy government. They peaked their policies recently by issuing an agreement with U.S on a broad policy in Iraq( steal the oil, de-Arabise and divide the country)

Thereby, Iran has dealt Israel one big favor by palying a pivotal role in eleminating Iraq as a strategic counterbalance to Israel. On the strategic level, Iran is actually complementing the neo-cons policy in middle east, except for the Nuclear issue of course."

Anonymous said...


our actual problem is the Islamic Republic and not the past time. Is this too difficult for you to understand?