Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Threat to Europe

I spent four days in the sunny Algarve region of Portugal this week. Its a beautiful place, deep golden sand beaches enclosed by incredible rock formations in the shape of golden cliff rises, good food and an easy leisurely pace of life. If you ask a Portuguese native the directions to a place, he will probably reply something like this, 'you see the rotunda (roundabout), you go straight, then the traffic light, you go straight, then another one, you don't go left, you dont go right, but straight, then another rotunda, you go straight...' After a few minutes you realise that all he had to say was, 'keep going straight until you get there!' In fact it seems all you have to do to get to your destination in the Algarve, is to go straight and eventually somehow you will get there. If you keep going straight towards West, you come to Sarges, the most South Western point or the end of Europe.

Europe is not just a geographical entity however, it has also become known as a set of values and liberties since the end of the war and more so after the collapse of the Communist repression.

When I was in Algarve, I heard about the attack on Glasgow airport and the unexploded car bombs in London . Of course at first I was relieved that there was no mass casualties and fatalities but soon one starts to think how easy it is for the terrorists to get lucky just once. For now it seems the people in Europe have just lost one more small privilege because of the Islamist extremists, that of being dropped at the terminals, just one more stress factor added to the whole stress of flying these days.

This is of course nothing compared to the tragedies that can be just round the corner. The threat to Europe is so great, and so much of it is the result of European politicians not taking the Islamic threat seriously and not stopping those who vehemently despise the European values, from entering the countries in Europe and those who collude with Islamic extremists around the world and yet enjoy the benefits of life in Europe.

It boggles the mind when you come across so many Iranian secular asylum seekers with proven track records of fighting against the religious dictatorship in Iran, who are left in limbo with their asylum applications for years and yet it seems the Islamic extremists with proven track records of being a threat against European values, can so freely come and go as they please.

I was reading in the Telegraph about one of the bombers who survived the failed attack on Glasgow airport. If only the hospital that employed him or the UK immigration authorities asked for just one letter of reference from his university professors in Baghdad. Apparently this guy was such an extremist religious zealot that even his mother did not dare to be without her head scarf in front of him. He was such a nuisance in his university that they just let him pass his exams so that he would leave the campus as soon as possible and not be a threat to the rest of the students. Yet he seems to have been allowed into the UK and secured employment with no problem at all! Another badge of honour for the mess they call the Home Office in Britain.

As my immigration lawyer friend in UK once told me, getting asylum in UK is just like lottery, there is no sound logic or criteria for obtaining it, its just sheer random luck! This lottery of who you let in the country however, can one day mean the end of Europe as we know it however.


Anonymous said...

I strongly recommend you to read "America Alone" written by Canadian author "Mark Steyn". Find it and read it. It's a must read for those living in Europe.

Hanif Leylabi said...

What absolute rubbish. You should be ashamed that you are spouting the same stuff as the BNP.

How do you know whathis mother wore when she was around him?!

You think any assylum seekers from Iraq or Afghanistan should be turned away after what the west has done to those countries?"

And what liberties does Europe stand for? Detention wthout charge, forced homelessness on assylum seekers, poverty pay butchery across the world and the constant fucking over of the developing world?

You need to get your head out of your arse and see the facts for what they are. You are an irrational extremist.

Bahramerad said...

Hanif Leylabi - I do not know what possessed you to write this piece but I do recommend you to be careful who you swear at. One of these days the British authorities will wise up to your kind of extreme nonsense and will send you back to where you 'll be more comfortable...Siberia or the deserts of Arabia. YOU CHOSE.

Azarmehr said...

Hanif, I thought that BNP shite might come from you. I am not sure if Marx and Lenin and Trotsky mention this in their books but the common decency code teaches one that if you seek refuge in someone's home you respect it and not destroy it.

As for how I know about this guy's mother, why don't you read the post more carefully it was printed in teh Telegraph and was quoted by people like his lecturer in Baghdad.

I never said asylum seekers from Iraq or Afghanistan should be turned away, I said those who are hell bent on destroying the values of their host country should be turned away.

I suggest you get your head out of your arse and find out why your father decided to leave a repressive Islamic regime and why you ended up having the privilige of living in UK.

Hanif Leylabi said...

Ah the Telegraph, that beacon of truth. I'm sure I know someone who sued them recently and won or something like that?

And how do you tell if someone is hell bent on destroying our society? You ask their lecturers their opinions of them? Damn; no one would let me in!

My Dad left before the revolution actually.

Azarmehr said...

Hmm! So in your books getting references from university lecturers or previous employers is just not on! How about checking criminal records? Is that not mentioned by Marx and Lenin either?
In fact Marx, Engels, Lenin, Trotsky between the lot of them have nothing about how to approve someone's application for a British Passport. So what do we do Hanif? any suggestions?

Your dad left before the revolution? So ask your dad which one was a better country to live in, under the Pahlavis or the Ayatollahs?

Anonymous said...

What is an Arab like Hanif Leylabi, a Hezbullah supporter doing on a blog like this. Arent there enough Islamist/Jihdists blogs out there for you to play in Hanif al Arab.