Sunday, January 11, 2009

'Death to Peace Lovers'

In a previous post I wrote admiringly about the democracy in Israel which allows Israeli Arabs and Israeli Jews to demonstrate peacefully against Israel's current offensive in Gaza and asked the question, imagine what would happen if a demonstration against Hamas took place in Iran? Little did I know that what I should have also asked was imagine if a non-government sanctioned demonstration happened in the Islamic Republic, even if it was against the Israeli offensive!!!

For today 'Mothers of Iran for Peace' gathered in Palestine Square in Tehran at 11:00 am. Their objective was to demonstrate against the Israeli offensive in Gaza and express sympathy with the women and children of Gaza. The gathering however was immediately broken up by the regime's thugs who were shouting 'Allah Akbar, Khamenei Rahbar!' and more revealingly 'Death to Peace Lovers!'. The thugs attacked the women which included Iran's renowned poetess, Simin Behbahani. Clearly demonstrating the Iranian regime can not tolerate any unofficial gathering.

Does that leave any doubt in any sane person's mind what the Hamas and more importantly their financial backer, Islamic Republic of Iran's objective in Gaza is?!!

Useful Idiots, stop being pawns of Hamas and the Iranian regime, understand what the Hamas and Islamic Republic's agenda in Gaza is. You have everything to lose if you don't wake up soon.


Winston said...

I think the regime broke it up because it wasn't done through the regime's usual channels. Moreover, regime opposes any thing that has a bit flavor of westernism. Since this demo was copied from the western style peace marches, the regime didn't like it. Again, I have no respect for those who sympathize with terrorists like Hamas even if they're these moron peaceniks from Iran.

Anonymous said...

Watch this:

This bloody mullah regime. I hate them so much! It boils in my veins when I am watching this. And I hate the Western hypocrite Media, that never broadcast ANYTHING about our student uprisings in Iran. If they really want to change Iran, all they need to do is giving a media coverage to the student cause on daily bases! But they they that noooo!


Anonymous said...

آنها از اسپری فلفل برای آزار این گروه استفاده کردند و باشعار : مرگ بر صلح طلب و سازشکار، مادران صلح را مورد آزار و خشونت قرار داده اند

Anonymous said...

Winston: who said they're sympathizing with Hamas?

Anonymous said...


What do you expect? If its the Palestinian intifada, then everyone is cheering for 'resistance to occupation.' But if its an Iranian intifada waged against a cruel clerical dictatorship, then it doesn't count.

You gotta love these cherry-picking moralists.

Robert said...

I'll back Gaza you back who you like, I've seen enough death in my time and I do not care who it is enough is enough.

Azarmehr said...

I'll back the people of Gaza who want a peaceful life without any desire for hidden agendas.

If you think enough is enough which I think too, you should put pressure on Hamas too.

Anonymous said...

Compare these two demonstartions which took place only a few days apart.

Its increadible!

Free Palestine Demo in London

Free Iran Demo in Tehran

Anonymous said...

I am just a stupid American trying to understand what is happening in the Middle East and Palestine. Your
blog is excellent. G-d Bless!

Anonymous said...

I am just a stupid American trying to understand what is happening in the Middle East and Palestine. Your
blog is excellent. G-d Bless!