Friday, January 16, 2009

When the Police Run Away

What do you do when even the police run away? Watch this video:

From what I can work out from the footage, it looks like the militant Islamists chase the British police, from the Haymarket all the way to Green Park. Watch the silly Leftist girl without a scarf, she thinks because she is wearing a bright vest, she is the steward and the Muslim militants will listen to her, little does the useful idiot know that she is just another Kaffir to them.

Soon at this rate, it won't just be the police who will be on the run, those Leftists who went along these marches with the Islamic militants, the spineless politicians who constantly appease them, the academics who host them and glorify them in the UK universities, the journalists who always take up their cause and the churchmen who want Sharia in UK will also be on the run and it will be too late for them to realise what dimwits they have been.


Simon Forbes said...

I'm speechless. Anybody else did that to the police they would get subjected to a baton charge very rapidly.

What things aren't the Hamas/Hizbollah loving brigade allowed to get away with?

Anonymous said...

To answer your first question, what do you do when the police run away? Only one thing we can do, the public have to stop trusting the politicians and start organising themselves to protect the public.

Sohrab said...

Too painful to watch, too reminiscent of Islamist rallies in Iran, except that it's in the West, in London.

Bahramerad said...

Azarmehre, I agree with what you say - But on the other hand - I call this sensible policing and sensible crowd control.
Yes, it would have been easy to let lose the dogs and the police on horses at them.
To use The Maes, The pepper spry and the batons on them.
Go heavy handed with the truncheons and use tear gas on these idiots but that would have only escalated things even further and perhaps made a martyr or two of them and then what?
These thugs must be identified and taken out one by one and taken to courts where they can be tried under our democratic and civilised laws.
After all — they might be barbarians and wanting to turn this country into a jungle — but I don't believe this country is ready for that and will deal with these brainless Jahadist in a more sensible and measured way.
My thanks go to the brave British Police men and women who behaved admirably under such provocation and difficult circumstance.

Winston said...

I am stunned. Where's this? UK or Saudi Arabia?

Azarmehr said...

Any who thinks this was a deliberate police tactic just suffers from an overdose of wishful thinking. This was just pure police incompetence.

yikes said...

You wouldn't see that happening in NY with NYC cops, that's for sure.

Sohrab said...

How many of these people - who reside in the UK and/or possess UK citizenship - really feel any sense of loyalty or allegiance to the core values of their democracy? How many of them, if they could, would seek to overturn British values and constitutional norms right this minute?

So depressing - and yes, somehow those leftist students with their stupid fashionable kaffiyehs - are even more abhorrent than the raging Islamists themselves.

reza said...

When I was in London, I can almost swear one out of every three kids in the street was wearing that kaffieyeh - I was shocked!

I don't mean it in a degrading way at all, as I completely understand the significance of the kaffieyeh. But what I was wrestling with in my head was 'Do these people even know what it is or what it stands for? Do they even know where Palestine is?'

Its just become a cult-fashion like the Che Guevera T-shirts.

allie said...

It was only half incompetence and so I agree with Bahramerad. They perhaps foolishly believe in our right to free speech and peaceful demonstrations and treated it as such from the outset. To be fair to them they were keeping the demo en route only and then became outnumbered. They called in riot police and reinforcements seconds later so this is only half the story.

There are times when I would like the police to go in smashing the life out of everyone but human rights legislation would have their guts for garters. Even accusations amount to islamophobia - remember Forest Gate and the armed police raids? Damned if they do and damned if they don't.

Sometimes though I get anxious in putting these sort of clips out we are doing the jihadis propaganda for them since I imagine it was one of them who recorded this.

Azarmehr said...


Your information and assumption is completely wrong. The march ended in Trafalgar Square, it was not supposed to take place from Trafalgar to Green Park. The police were not trying to keep the demo enroute and running away is not the way to do this sort of thing. If a demo is going en route as your wishful thinking suggests then the police walk on each side of the demonstrators.

It must have been a terrible impression on passers by and visitors to this country to see the police run away like that.
I shudder to think what would have happened if the mob had decided to attack by standers and businesses 'en route'.

Did you hear the guy who is filming the scene? He is telling the police that he has their faces on camera!! It should be the other way round, shouldn't it? but you even see the police camera man running away.

I have experience of the British police in these situations. They just do not know what an Islamic militant is or what they are about. Totally hapless and clueless which is why they end up shooting an innocent Brazilian and let Islamic militants roam free.

Anonymous said...

LoL Allie :)))

Lets not show the realities in case BNP get strong :))

Anonymous said...

"I completely understand the significance of the kaffieyeh."

What's the significance? The kaffieyeh is traditional Arab dress that did not originate with conflict - it is a useful piece of gear if you are in the desert. It is as politically significant as wearing combat trousers.

A clip on youtube does not tell us the whole story. The fact is that people were arrested during this demonstration, they were just not shown on this clip. This clip itself is a piece of jihadist propaganda that probably doesn't show the whole story. If you guys think you can do a better job at policing, then join the police.

allie said...

It wasn't wishful thinking really. I thought this was the Israeli Embassy march in which riot police were involved? I may be biased as one of my family is a police officer so yes I get a different perspective and I think the police often get an unfair rap. I don't hold them responsible for the death of the Brazilian. I hold the terrorists responsible for that. My understanding/info was they were heading off a demo that turned from peaceful to aggressive at which point riot police were called in. I did hear the guy yes. The police have recorded all the demo info and I am pretty sure they are using it. One thing they are not incompetent at is intelligence gathering. The huge nos they have in custody is a testament to that. My main point was they are majorly hampered by human rights laws and those in themselves make anything an officer does with respect to muslims incredibly difficult.

Anonymous said...

Arm yourselves as you can, the hour is upon you.

Azarmehr said...

What an utterly stupid thing to say:
'If you guys think you can do a better job at policing, then join the police.'

If the police took their job seriously and stopped moonlighting with their second jobs then they may do a better job.

Anonymous said...

In actual fact the police were supposed to be escorting this group of Jew hating Jackals to the israeli embassy. They were not running away, they were clumsily protecting the Muslims, tards and commies. But they were made to look stupid by islam anyway.

Azarmehr said...


If you read a Communist blog called the Commune, the blogger claims to have been amongst them, he then boasts as how the police were pushed back and the businesses and even cars coming the other way were attacked, even a police van as well as a lone policeman on a bike were attacked with the police unable to do anything or protect anyone.

If you say that they were later arrested come the guy who filmed all this and threatened the police that he has their faces on his camera still managed to put the footage on youtube? SO surely he was not arrested.

As for the police being very good at intelligence gathering, kid yourself not. Under Ian Blair police never came to understand what Muslim fundamentalism means.
Ian Blair was a total disaster for UK police.

Anonymous said...

How can we ask for a refund of our taxes paid to the police? because they are just not protecting us any longer!

Alistair said...

But our police force seem very strict on Tory MPs and they don't mind violating our fundamental freedoms!!

Adrian from Denmark said...

Have the police came out with an official explanation now?

I cannot make up my mind, about what it is that I see on the video - Scared cops on the run, or cops trying to escorte a demo but in a clumsy way.

If it's the police that runs away as claimed by many, then it's a fucking disaster!

Azarmehr said...


It is a fucking disaster!

Bahramerad said...

Azarmehr -
You know nothing about 'intelligent led policing'.
In Fact - you know fuck all about crowd control policing and The UK's long history of 'sensitive community policing practice.'

Azarmehr said...


Actually I think its the other way round. Sometimes you hear something and you pick up a word or phrase and think you understand it. 'Sensitive Community Policing' means being aware of sensitive issues amongst minority community and building a relation with the community not running away while a mob attacks businesses, cars, innocent bystanders and even policemen on bykes.

I can just imagine an Islamic mob beating the crap out of you, and a police van going by, you shout for help and the police reply, 'sorry we cant help, we have a long history of sensitive community policing in this country'.

Bahramerad said...

That is absurd — and you know it -
Remember the poll tax riots?

Azarmehr said...

I dont recall the police running away from the crowds all the way from Haymarket to Green Park during the Poll Tax riots! Many of them were hurt and injured but they stood their ground.

Bahramerad said...

When they need to, want to and is Government's instructions — they will stand their ground-
Note, Brixton riots, coal miners strikes, Tottenham, Liverpool, Riots, Etc...
No, they are NOT scared of confrontation with hooligans — they do that every weekend up and down the country with drunks and goons of every kind.
Don't you dare undermine them — your security, your family's and your children's security depends on them doing thier job professionally and intelligently.

Azarmehr said...

I am not undermining th epolice, they have undermined themselves. You recall how they arrested Safa in a demo outside Chatham House, was Safa threatening anyone? Was he attacking any person or business or building? He was exercising his right against his jailor who was being given VIP treatment. Why did the police act so unreasonable against Safa and yet run away from this mob?