Thursday, January 08, 2009

Death to Everyone

This is such a classic and it reminds me so much of the illiterate thugs that raided the universities in Iran during the 'cultural revolution'.

In this clip, the mob leader with the tannoy shouting the slogans, warms up the flock with the usual 'Death to Israel' and 'Death to America' to begin with but then his zeal takes over his brain cells and he shouts 'Death to Palestine'. Few of the mob twig on and start laughing but the rest simply repeat the leader and shout accordingly 'Death to Palestine'.

Absolute classic :))


Anonymous said...

Haha... the guy at the end, when he crosses the camera says, "...sedash gereft." Funny.

But I can still imagine you standing up there screaming, "marg bar Hamas! Marg bar VOA! Marg bar Trita Parsi!:))

You're no different than those retards (no offense Sohrab).

be salamat,

Anonymous said...

Funny to see that no more than 50 people have gathered there. Those times when masses of people came to this kind of events are way over.

The brainless zombies even repeated death to palestine. :)


Winston said...

LMAO.... Can't stop laughing

Anonymous said...


saggezard said...

From the first day these sort of people started the revolution they have no idea what they are saying, babbling like a bunch herd of sheep.

It reminds me of an incident with a live report on IRIB for Khomeini's funeral. In all that savage furor, the reporter worked very hard to sound very emotional in the long coverage, at the moment that dirty corpse was about to be lowered to the ground the reporter said: "... and that moment we have all been waiting for has arrived (pause) may my tongue go mute, what did I say?"

Anonymous said...

i remember a similar episode right after ruhollas return. they screamed all the marg bars and started to yell death to france before remembering thathe came from france and the pilot who flew the plane was french. so after a pause they came up with another country.

looking at this video it looks like they are having fun. nothing else to do so they gather for these event since its a tradition.

Anonymous said...

lol wow

Anonymous said...

Marg bar Israel! marg bar Palestine! I suppose that's one solution.

Anonymous said...

"... inike migam sho'ar nist!"

Azarmehr said...

Yes I didnt see that for myself but I remember being told about it:
'goshAd goshAd rAh narid...'