Sunday, January 04, 2009

Attack on Shirin Ebadi's House

The 61 year old Iranian lawyer and Noble Peace prize winner suffered another attack on her home after her offices were shut down by the Iranian authorities. More than 150 Baseejis demonstrated outside her house accusing her of siding with the Zionists! Demonstrators shouted 'Israel commits crimes, Ebadi Supports Zionists' and sprayed her house with graffiti.

Shirin Ebadi says the police were just watching and not dispersing the demonstrators while they were damaging her house and she is now scared to go back to her house.

It is mind boggling how these organised thugs could accuse her of being a Zionist. As soon as Ebadi won her Noble Peace prize, she described the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as an unjust war between those with sticks and those with advanced sophisticated weapons. So much so that most Iranian dissidents accused her of taking up the Palestinian cause more than that of the Iranian people. As soon as the current conflict started Ebadi's office condemned the state of Israel.

Neither BBC television nor the Islamic Republic Press TV reported these attacks and intimidations, yet such attacks clearly demonstrate how the Islamic Republic is using the current conflict between Hamas and Israel for its own political gains.

Those 'useful idiots' in the West who have been demonstrating 'in support of Gaza' have no idea how they are being manipulated for the political games of the Iranian regime.


Sohrab said...

You're right: Ebadi, either honestly or for political caution, has always been a strong critic of Israel. But, I guess she hasn't been resounding enough. And she's not alone.

Kargozaaran, the newspaper associated with the "pragmatic," conservative Executives of Construction party - what the hell kind of name for a party is that anyway? - got shut down, despite the editors' numerous articles condemning the recent actions of the "Zionist entity" as "murderous" and "criminal." Kargozaaran was banned by the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance over one article which mildly criticized HAMAS for not renewing the Egyptian-brokered truce.

This, and the attacks on Ebadi, show us just how no-tolerance the IRI's policy is when it comes to Iranians showing even the slightest hint of support for Israel.

Maybe Winston's right to insist that this is our war: after all, the enemy of our enemy is our friend.

Anonymous said...

Any genuine pro-peace person should condemn both sides in a war. If they think one side is justified then they should go and fight on the side they think is justified.

Anonymous said...

As you say these are good times for the Iranian regime to crack down on all civil dissent, justifying all crackdowns by calling everyone Zionists. Even the UNESCO offices in Tehran were attacked and blamed for the war in Gaza.

Meanwhile the useful idiots who demonstrate in support of Hamas, have no idea how they are helping repression in Iran...

Anonymous said...

The New York Times reported it - that's where I read it. And nobody's a pawn in the IRI's game because they protest against human rights violations - get a grip.

Winston said...

I have no respect for ayatollah Ebadi. She's with the regime

Azarmehr said...


Protest for human righst violations under which banner, Hamas's banner? Hamas IS human rights violation.

I have to send you the footage of how Hamas execute Al-Fath rivals.

Also which did New York Times report? The attack on her office or the attack on her home? send me the link

Anonymous said...

Those 'useful idiots' in the West who have been demonstrating 'in support of Gaza' have no idea how they are being manipulated for the political games of the Iranian regime.

I doubt that it would make any difference if they knew.

Anonymous said...

No buddy, the fact that your prejudices and presuppositions would lead you to make such a senseless statement makes YOU a HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATION.

No matter if you wave the banner of democracy - you are a callous old fool who has dreams of an Iran you will never see. You yelp democracy and human rights, but yet have no idea what they are.

You wish to see your country prosper, but don't give a damn if a whole other nation is oppressed.


p.s. "Democracy is just a word when your people are starving and dieing."