Monday, May 04, 2009

Honarbin's Speech at SOAS on Youtube by Adrian Cousins

Came across this footage of Mehri Honarbin's speech at SOAS on Youtube. The video is posted by someone called Adrian Cousins.

What interested me was, Adrian Cousins claims in this youtube video info, that the protetsters to Mehri Honarbin's speech were Iranian monarchists. How typical of the loony laa dee daa Lefties in UK who just accuse and do not want to find out the truth, talk or listen.

The young Iranian thrown out of the meeting to Baroness Haleh Afshar OBE's much enthusiasm, hysterical laughter and clapping is an Iranian dissident student who has spent time in Islamic Republic jails. He has been a refugee for many years, and has suffered intolerable and inhumane conditions in refugee camps and hideouts in Turkey and he is still under the threat of deportation by the UK authorities. He is also an ardent Mossadegh supporter.

Yet the Iranian pampered aristocrat, Haleh Afshar, who comes from a family background connected to the imperial court of the late Shah, is this laa dee daa Lefty's anti-imperialist icon!!

Well it wasn't hard to find out who this Adrian Cousins was. Click on his link at Youtube takes you to this site: where it shows he is a techie/designer who has read loads of books by Marx, Lenin, Engels and Trotsky and the rest of them who have influenced him greatly in the comfort of his armchair and of course he is a Socialist Workers Party member. A further click takes you to his own website which reveals his email: and his phone number: 0044 777 9628863

So I decided to call Adrian Cousins and see if he wants to listen to some facts. A kind of Mr. Bean voice answered as Adrian Cousins. As soon as I told him what I wished to talk to him about however, he put the phone down. In case the phone got cut off unwittingly, I called him again, and the Mr. Bean voice answered again 'I don't wish to speak to you'

Fine, I write about your ignorance on my blog then, Mr Cousins. How things are confused and twisted in this world, some techie/designer who is scared to debate thinks he is the hero of the working class and the oppressed people of the world, with his anti-imperialist icon as Baroness Haleh Afshar OBE
and poor Arash Mohajernejad, the real victim of imperialism is thrown out of the lecture hall while the bourgeois Left clap their hands and shout 'Out, out' in front of the Islamic Republic TV cameras!


Nadir said...

Are you crazy, calling these people on the phone? They never want to debate or listen to anything. They have their own agenda, getting funding from repressive regimes in the Middle East.

Anonymous said...

I tried to leave a comment on his Youtube but seems Cousins only wants to publish what he likes to hear

Soudabeh said...

Looks like someone else has written her speech and she has difficulty in reading the speech.

Amir Fakhravar said...

Goog job Potkin.

Mehrtash said...

The rage that coarses through my veins.

Total scum that night. All I have is regret on what more I could have done.

As for Mr, ahem, I mean Mr Cousins...C O W A R D . An ignorant one at that.

Well done Potkin. Stay alive, we Iranians need a whistle blower like you. Too many ignorant fools and people in a false sense of slumber of what is what in and around Iran.

Anonymous said...

Cousins has now changed the wording in the info, instead of monarchists he mentions the word individuals now.

Bahramerad said...

Have you noticed how ugly this political prostitute is?
It mast be a virus or curs - all who support the IRI Bloody Bastard Mafia turn to ugly face decrepit asshole's.... with heart of stone and minds of rabid dogs.

Mr Bean said...

Your abusive and threatening phone calls have been recorded. Should you continue to harass me they will be handed to the police along with the threatening and abusive emails and texts you have sent me and the footage of you disrupting an entirely peaceful meeting. If I were you I'd take the advice of your friends and cease this infantile and futile hate campaign before it results in criminal charges.

Azarmehr said...

Now we have seen it all. Socialist Worker wants to go to the so-called 'Fascist' police to frame someone.

What an apology to the human race you are, you disgust me Mr. Laa dee daa Marxist-Leninst

Soudabeh said...

When Mr. Bean [Adrian Cousins] talks about 'follow the advice of your friends', who exactly is he talking about?

We are all saying well done Azarmehr for exposing these Ayatollah lovers.

Mehrtash said...

son of a cunt cousins has deleted my comment on youtube, and a lot of the other comments. He has kept those that praise him and the IRI!

Here I start my campaign of terrorising this little bastard liar.

Nadir said...

Dear Mr Bean aka Adrian Cousins,

You do not publish any comment that is not to your ideological liking

You do not want to debate or discuss anything about Iran

You label Iranians that see things differently from you and accuse them as you see fit

You wonder why people then abuse you and you want to report them to the police.

How much of a piece of shit are you?