Sunday, May 17, 2009

Rare Copy of Avicenna’s “Canon of Medicine” Stolen From Museum in Iran

A rare copy of the book, “The Canon of Medicine” written by Avicenna [poor-Sina], the famous Iranian physician, regarded as the father of modern medicine, has been stolen from a museum adjacent to his mausoleum in Hamedan, Iran.

What makes the situation worse however is the non-chalant way the Hamedan Cultural, Tourism and Handicrafts Department Director Asadollah Bayat regarded the news, which demonstrates the lack of accountability of the Islamic Republic officials and their unwillingness to answer questions to the public.

When Bayat was asked about the theft at a press conference, he rebuked the journalist by saying: “The question is not a gesture of goodwill. The question should not be asked, if it is against an institution.” !!!

He also thought the theft was 'NATURAL'!!!

“A copy of ‘The Canon of Medicine’ on display at the mausoleum of Avicenna was stolen and no trace of any thief has been detected yet. Two guards of the museum’s security command were present at the time of the robbery.” Bayat added.

“The mausoleum of Avicenna was not equipped with an emergency power system until last year. It’s no wonder that the robbery happened,” was Bayat's closing words of wisdom.


Nadir said...

You should have also said the press conference was on the occasion of the week named National Heritage Week

Anonymous said...

شاید یک بچه اخوند دزدیده که بفروشه

ella said...

I am sure that this manuscript will be smuggled out of Iran and will be sold for astronomical sum to someone in the West or perhaps to some nuveau riche in China. Unfortunately many countries do not have money to secure their historic inheritance. In the case of Iran the government do not care much about such inheritance particularly if that inheritance is not strictly connected to religion.
Sad that.