Wednesday, May 06, 2009

SWP John Rees on Accepting Donations

Like I said in the previous posts, it seems like a very twisted world. UK based Left wing Marxist-Leninst organisation, SWP, are happy to forget their tortured and executed comrades in Iran and instead promote the Islamic Republic in meetings attended by CASMII and chaired by the Baroness Haleh Afshar OBE, yet jailed students like Arash, shopped by the US embassy and still under threat of deportation to the Islamic Republic by the mad UK Home Office are accused of being pro-imperialists!

But there seems to be a lot more to all this. Why would a Trotskyst organisation promote the Islamic Republic? How would Trotsky turn in his grave if he found out his followers were promoting a government ruled by Shiite clerics?

Been doing some googling on John Rees from SWP, who also spoke at the meeting in SOAS along with Channel 4 news reader, Jon Snow. Apparently John Rees has been involved in accepting a donation from a company owned by one of Britain's biggest private finance initiative(PFI) contractors, headed by a Tory life peer, Lord Blackwell, who was a senior policy adviser to the John Major government!!

Below is the emailed response by John Rees on 13 September regarding the donation which reveals his mindset:
“…this was an individual donation not a corporate donatation (sic). Many people work for firms that do bad things~but accepting money from them as individuals does not imply either that they endorse the actions of their employers or that we endorse the actions of the firms. Consequently, the whole ‘anything in the world can be connected by six degrees of separation’ argument falls at the first hurdle.
More broadly, why should any labour movement body not accept a bit of the profit coming back to the workers so long as there are no strings attached"

I remember years ago there was another UK based Left wing organisation by the name of Workers Revolutionary Party, not sure if they are still going round but never hear about them any more or see their newspaper sellers on street corners. If I remember rightly, they also had celebrity supporters in their meetings such as actress Vanessa Redgrave. It turned out that not only their printers actually benefited from the then British government's regional development aid :) but much worse than that, they were receiving money from Libya, Iraq and even solicited the Persian Gulf Sheikhdoms. They were asking the ruling emirs and wealthy businessmen for donations to their anti-imperialist struggles :))))

So do not be surprised if we soon find out the Islamic Republic is also funding the SWP. The behaviour of their senior members certainly suggests this.


Anonymous said...

We have people on this case! Conclusion, report and new analysis of this shady org's financing apparatus. So far it makes for very intresti g read. This idiot John or whatever has a lot of skeletons in his closet. I can see somebody resigning in a bit of a hasty manner pretty soon!

Rupert from London

Azarmehr said...

What organisation are you from Rupert?

Winston said...

no wonder I hate the Communists.

Sohrab said...

Do as I say not as I do!

Anonymous said...

What about the rumours that the IRI is funding the Sri Lankan government in committing genocide?

Azarmehr said...


I stay away from subjects I know nothing about like the nuclear energy and Sri Lankan 'genocide'.
Why dont you enlighten us :))

Nadir said...

Scum of the earth, the SWP