Monday, April 05, 2010

The Green Maestro's Concert in Barbican, London

I have spent most of the Easter break battling with a stomach virus, which is why I couldn't make it to Shajarian's concert in the Barbican, London on Saturday. I am no expert with Persian classical music and I have a selective list of favourites in this category that I like to listen to. I respect Shajarian however more than just for his mastery of classical Persian music. Shajarian has stood by the people of Iran ever since the June protests last year. In protest to the brutal crackdown and state repression, Shajarian forbid the State TV to broadcast any of his music and almost immediately after the brutal repression began, produced another masterpiece track which scorns the tyrant rulers from inflicting so much pain and misery on the people.

I was glad to hear Shajarian's concert was yet another gathering of Iranians abroad and a manifestation of support for the Green Movement inside Iran. Here is a footage of the crowd singing the unofficial national anthem, Ey Iran, at the end of his concert in the Barbican Hall:

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Hidden Author said...

What's so special about the Green Movement? If it wins, then power is merely transferred to the Mousavi-Rasfanjani faction of the Islamic Republic. The Islamic Republic would still exist!