Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New Video from 11th Feb Protests - Young Girls Rescued from Security Forces

This is a new footage just received from 11th February protests in the Aryashahr district in Tehran. It shows two young citizen journalist girls being arrested by security forces. One Special Unit guard comes off his bike and starts beating the girls with what seems like a cable or chain. The girls start screaming and the youth come to their rescue, making the Special Unit scums run away like the cowards that they are.

United we will never be defeated.


Anonymous said...

'Brave' when beating girls, mice when facing the angry youth. Complete cowards

Waybec said...

Dis-illusioned and disaffected. Surely this must sum up the soul of the Iranian nation now? It's like when a propaganda banner was torn at the opening of Tohid tunnel - a woman stated to the security force that she didn't do it, but a secrity man just replied tear it some more! Papering over the cracks Khamanei can't stop the simmering volcano. Even Police on the street are now questioning what they'e doing - half hearted - or simply running away. The volcano is coming. So more fool the smug arrogance of the Dark Regime once the people mountain finally explodes to engulf the whole bloody murdering lot of you!

Nadir said...

By slowing down the internet they can stop such footage from coming out on the day but not for ever.

SZ said...


what happened to the revolution in Iran?

i thought you said that people would overthrow our elected government?

what happened?

Azarmehr said...

Happy New Year SZ.

What happened is as follows, its simple really, don't know why you can't follow, to stop the inevitable, the 'unelected' junta has resorted to an unbelievable onslaught of violence and intimidation against its citizens, which has bought it a little extra time, but in the end the people's revenge on the regime officials and their lackeys will be even more severe.

SZ said...


happy new year.

you're wrong. the movememt was fabricated and supported by the western nations. its over, I was in Iran for 1 month, and there is nothing going on. People are going about their daily lives.

Sohrab said...

Iran 1
Tyranny 0

Neda Mehregan said...

What happened SZ is that Khamenei and his Arab team have let loose the military, Sepah, Lebaas Shaksi, Niroohaye entezami, the Baseej, to beat anyone who dares to come out.

Yes, this is what your legitimately elected government has to do to stay in power just a bit longer, so that moftkhora and mozdoor bache baseejis like you, can live off Iranian people's oil for a few more months.

Winston said...

Iranian regime has all characteristics of the Nazi regime

Iran Secular said...

Sign Iranian Solidarity Declaration بیانیه همبستگی ایرانیان را امضا کنید

SZ said...


You are a liar. Seriously, stop lying about Iran and its government and people. You say things without a single source to back it up, and without a single citation. get lost.

"Yes, this is what your legitimately elected government has to do to stay in power just a bit longer, so that moftkhora and mozdoor bache baseejis like you, can live off Iranian people's oil for a few more months."

At least you admit they are elected by the people, that's a good start. Second of all, I actually work for a foreign company doing business in Iran. We develop Iran's oil. get lost bitch, you don't add anything to the conversation, you just bitch and moan about Iran. Stay the hell out of my country!

SZ said...


yes, Iran is a racist state, Iran has killed 6 million jews, and Iran has a leader who comitted a coup d'etat to gain power!

Seriously dude, get off the jewish jockstrap and at least contribute something to the conversation.

you're a dirty person, and a stain on Iranians.

Neda Mehregan said...

Bache Basiji you are the one who is a liar. "I work for a foreign company that does business in Iran. We develop Iran's oil".
Like I said, you are a moftkhor and a mozdoor.

If it were not for Iran's oil, you would not even be employed and the idiot that you are, you have just confirmed what I have been saying all along that you are living off the Iranian people's oil, at the same time as getting your henchmen beat them to death on the streets.

If I am lying the I must be also making up all the images of people being attacked by armies of basijis. Boy I'm soooooooooooooo good!!!!!

Mehrtash said...

I couldnt help but get drawn into this 'discussion'.

I know trustworthy people in Iran who say they are exhausted and fed up with the abuse and oppression inflicted by the IRI govt. Thet have also added that the there is not much protesting going on in Iran, that people are cooling down, except on the anniversary dates, which in my opinion they should not wait for marked anniversaries to stand up to their oppressors.

Furthermore, given that yonathan betkolia, an MP in Iran, took my picture on his phone on the attempted sly because I had a little row with them in Geneva at the UN last February is illustrative that the IRI govt resorts to intimidation tactics, for why else take a photo of me?

SZ, the IRI govt are guilty of mass gross transgressions of human rights; that much is unequivocally irrefutable.

Sohrab said...


Neda was being sarcastic when she called the Ahmadinejad government "legitimately elected," you moron.

And then listen to your sexist language. How many times did you call Neda a "bitch." Don't you have any respect for the women your life?

And then you attack Winston by resorting to the basest anti-semitism.

Your hateful, racist, and sexist rhetoric only helps our cause by allowing everyone to see the mindset of IRI supporters.

SZ said...


yeh...im stealing oil....I live in Iran.....where do you live?

Look, you're a fucking liar and a bad one at that. So tell me, what's your prediction for when the "people" will rise up and overthrow the elected government?

Go ahead, i will wait for your accurate prediction.

barmakid said...


This regime is bound to collapse; and for the very same reasons that the Pahlavi dynasty collapsed, the Qajars, the Safavids, and even the Soviet Union.

As long as Iranians place their confidence in individuals (as opposed to a system) they will have short-lived governments that govern at their own whim.

As long as you support an individual over a system, YOU are the one who is a stain on our people.

Nobody in the IRI has a semblance of credibility or legitimacy; all they have is brute power.

And that can only take you so far. Ask the shah, he knows...

It might not mean anything coming from Iranian racists and reactionaries like Neda and Winston, but you know as well as I know - social science (not potkin and co.) spells out the ineluctable demise of regime's like the IRI.

But until that day, have fun with Winston, Neda, et al.


SZ said...


So winston calling Iran a nazi regime is ok? Relating the Nazi Holocaust to Iran is ok? I defended Iran by cursing him. If that is wrong, then so be it.

With regards to Neda, She is a bitch. I have plenty of respect for the women in my life, but neda isn't one of them! I respect my mother, sister, and aunts and wife. but Neda is not someone who deserves respect. She curses my country from her perch in the UK. fuck her.

Sohrab said...

Winston was arguing that the IRI (not Iran) shares the characteristics of a Nazi regime. Let's see if he's right...

Absolute sovereignty vested in one man --> Check!

Brutal suppression of dissent --> Check!

Openly discriminatory laws enacted to make life miserable for ethno-sectarian minorities --> Check!

Militaristic rhetoric and ambition --> Check!

Anti-semitic ideology --> Check!

That's a pretty strong argument. As for Neda, she too was making a cogent argument. Your only response was to call her a "bitch," which is the sure sign of a misogynist. If you disagree with her, argue, don't call her sexist names.

barmkid said...

Sohrab a.k.a Protecter of Women,

Oh give me a break. Who the f*&k is Neda anyways? She chose to start calling people names so she better be able to handle it when people do it to her! And her argument, if you can even call it that, was wholly unworthy of a deliberated response.

And as for Winston, he is one of the biggest racists living in the West today. Winston can go f*&k himself with his anti-black, anti-Obama, teabagging self.

This guy IS a Nazi! He lives to hate. And you're so f*c&ing blind that you can't see it.

Let's all bow down to the noble citizen who worships everything Israeli.

I'll say it again Sohrab, you can't categorically support Israel and at the same time denounce the IRI for the very same things that you have decided to support Israel for!!

And please, you frikkin pawn, stop calling people anti-semetic!! You're anti-semetic!

And by supporting Israel you are supporting the IRI by default. Fool.


Neda Mehregan said...

You are rude and ignorant and belong to the same gutter as SZ. Why don't you crawl in there together?

SZ said...


Ah...the bitch is back....you can dish it out, but can't take it.

Look, you're a whore and a cunt, just go back to your brothel before your pimp slaps you silly.

barmakid said...

Oh, that wasn't rude at all Neda.. telling me to crawl into a gutter.

So typical of your ilk to be hypocritical.

If you can't handle the rudeness then don't be rude.


SZ said...


Right, Winston, the blatant anti black, anti muslim racist was just making an observation. Winston is such a timid fuck like Potkin calls him that he won't even publish his name on his shitty blog. All he posts on that piece of shit site are talks by Bolton, and the AEI! Seriously, people like him are worse than traitors, they sell themselves like whores to the west. And with regards to his argument....I have a newsflash for you genius, the IRI is ELECTED by Iranians, so by calling the IRI a nazi regime, he is by extension calling Iranians nazi's. But off course, you can't see that because you beat off to Bibi Netanyahu at night.

"As for Neda, she too was making a cogent argument. Your only response was to call her a "bitch," which is the sure sign of a misogynist. If you disagree with her, argue, don't call her sexist names."

She was making an argument? Are you serious? Everything she posts is a blatant lie and has no factual basis. She was making an argument? Really?

Also, if she comes on here and calls me names, or calls Iranians that support our government names, I will respond back with names. Let's face it here, she is an uneducated totally blatant lying bitch.

Neda Mehregan said...

Well this language and attitude is typical of an Islamic Republic supporter. The so called president talks in exactly the same tone.

This is what our 5000 year old culture and civilization has been reduced to. Hopefully not for long though. These people,with low IQs, who are in the wrong, can only resort to swearing as a primeval defence mechanism.

barmakid said...

Neda, you're an idiot. Have you made an argument on this thread? NO YOU HAVE NOT. And you already know SZ curses like a drunk Englishman at a football game, so why did you choose to engage him with ad hominems?

You made the choice. And talking about 5,000 years of civilization when you show not a semblance of being civilized is laughable.


Sohrab said...

Its okay Neda, SZ is just nervous and antsy because he might lose his cushy motfkhor oil job soon. One by one the supermajors are divesting from Iran -- even the Russian Lukoil.

SZ said...


I actually work for an international oil company.why would I lose my job?

Second of all, all the oil and gas fields in Iran will be developed. Iran just recently penned a deal with Petrobras for development of some gas fields. Don't worry, whatever western nations pull out, others like Brazil, and China will step in and replace them.