Thursday, October 21, 2010

How Pro-Ahmadinejad News Websites Twist Facts

Combing through Iran news today, I came across an article in one of the pro-Ahmadinejad websites. The title was 'Israeli Women Sell Their Bodies: [Pictures Included]' and the first paragraph said:
'In a blatant act of decadence and social moral corruption, women are displayed for sale in shop windows throughout Israel's major chain stores'. The article quotes several Israeli papers to back up its claim for this depraved social perversion which is gripping Israel and ends with a paragraph which says:
'Each woman has a price tag, which also displays her age, weight, size and her country of birth. The pictures below show modern women slavery in Israel, a country which claims to have democracy!'

So the message to the people of Iran is clear, democracy will lead to women being displayed in shop windows as sex commodities, is this what you want?

As I scrolled down to see the images and decide whether democracy should be pursued or not, I noticed the women didn't look like they were trying to attract customers. The images didn't look they were trying to entice or provoke men in a sexual way, unless Ahmadinejad supporters find a picture of a battered woman with a black eye sexually enticing! In fact it looked more like a powerful protest against human trafficking and prostitution. The caption for the picture below published in the Iranians news website says 'Slave market in Israel'

And sure enough, the truth is nothing like what the pro-Ahmadinejad sites are claiming with their exact same texts. When did Ahmadinejad and his followers ever tell the truth? It was in fact a protest to highlight the problem of human trafficking for the sex industry and the protesters were calling for people who pay for sex to be prosecuted too.

See the version slightly nearer to the truth:

and a reminder of what goes on in Iran:


Juniper in the Desert said...

Thank you for exposing this: I will share it!

Unknown said...

Potkin asks: "When did Ahmadinejad and his followers ever tell the truth?"

I would like to ask in response: When do the Greens ever tell the truth? Why did they lie about a "stolen election" and a "coup" having taken place in Iran?

We know what the Iranian public think thanks to the efforts of American political scientists:

The Iranian people speak their mind

It may come as a surprise to dear Potkin, but the majority of Iranians don't think as he does. They don't support secular, liberal, gharbdoost "democracy". They support a government of Islam, by the Shariah and of the Qur'an.

Anonymous said...

Imagine if they put all that talent and creativity into something good, imagine if instead of lies they created powerful, positive and inspiring stories to benefit our beloved Iran. Imagine if they guy who gets paid to write such lies, one day wakes up and finds he has a conscience.

Waybec said...

Well just like my own country of England, there's enough factual things I can say against it, without resorting to fiction or fabrication. But Ahmandinjad's regime is now just a one trick pony isn't it? Anything negative it can say against any country that opposes it's own theocratic tyranny! Ahmandinejad wants a new world order. So what exactly is HIS blueprint for that!? Instead of corporate greed spreading prostitution, drug abuse, alcoholism and the blantant interferrence into other countries, he'll just do it under the so called divine banner of religion instead? Ha! After all, look at the TRUE facts here! Hasn't the greedy corrupt ego's of the Dark Mullah's, Basiji and the Revolutionary Guard done exactly that! Inflicted the exact same kind of miserable torment upon the common Iranian people? 'New World Order...?' Blah... It's exactly the same as far as I can see Ahmandinejad! Only in Iran of course you torture, threaten, jail or even murder those daring to raise a voice for a proper vote! Oh - but equally of course, the fabrication and fiction of your debased & depraved despotism will always ensure that you simply gloss over it! After all Ahmandinejad - no matter how hard you try to hide it - your smug sick smile has anxious fear and hypocrisy written all over it! Azadi Irani! The day is still coming!

Waybec said...

Again, the answers to such as Reza's arguments are staggeringly simple: 1) The regime only has to call for a referendum - asking the Iranian people if they want a secular Iran INTERNATIONALLY and UN monitored. (No Basiji, Mullahs or Revolutionary Guard present.) 2) Let anyone come forward as a parlimentary - political or party candidate, without Khamanei calling the selective shots just so's he can cover his own current hubris and evil emperor backside! After all, if the regime is so confident, so cocksure of it's love and loyalty from the people, then surely they would embrace & welcome such a move wouldn't they..? Oh but no... Because the REAL truth is, most Iranian's would now kick them out on their ear! How else can you explain the regime's continued cowardly and thug like murderous tactics to all those who speak out against them! So.... Not so much a mature government sanctioned by a divine providence then..? More like the prideful male machismo of a spitefully cruel and wounded animal - that blatantly behaves more like a stroppy, belligerent and cornered bullying kid!

Unknown said...

@WAYBEC (the voice of the British State):

We did have a 'referendum' last year: it was the presidential election: Ahmadinejad won.

Unfortunately, people like my dear friend, Mr Azarmehr, refuse to accept any democratic verdict that they don't like.

As for your other nonsense. If the Iranian public did not like the choice on offer, they would have boycotted the 25 elections held since the Revolution. The turnout levels in Iran are much higher than in the West. If the reformists had been more united in 2005, Ahmadinejad would never have been elected in the first place.

Finally, a fat lot of good "internationally-monitored" elections did in Afghanistan which really were rigged with American compliance to keep Karzai in power.

Btw, I fully approve of Potkin running for President. I hope he is qualified to run so we can see just how little suppport he has within Iran.

Omid Piroozi said...

This is the links to the RajaNews article via Google Cache, in case they removed it from the site:

Waybec said...

Dear Reza. I'm hardly the voice of the British state. Likewise I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and say you're NOT part of Ahmadinejad's dark propaganda machine either? I may not always succeed, but I try to keep politics, religion and nationality out of any proper ethical and humanitarian arguments. I respect your views. But the bottom dollar is this? Would MY views be respected or even tolerated in Iran under the current regime? Or would I - like many others now, also be harrassed, hounded, threatened, arrested, tortured and thrown into jail for daring to speak simple words... And like I've always consistantly said: 'Whenever a power is AFRAID of SIMPLE words, then only one damning word need be applied to it: Dictatorship... Sadly, the situation in Iran is now you either fall into the current ONE PARTY line, or you run the risk of just falling with a rope around your neck! Peace...

Unknown said...

Btw, all the girls in the photos look Israeli.

They may not be selling themselves, but there is a thriving sex slave trade in Israel.

Unfortunately, there is much prostitution in Iran as well.

Lirun said...

thanks for exposing that we are not animals.. you are welcome to visit my blog for a piece about this from last year..

or you could go straight to the video interview

the interview is mostly in english and it starts half way through the video..

i thank you again for taking the effort to see past the nasty and unkind propaganda.. and you are abosluetly right the women in the window were part of a social awareness campaign designed to crack the apathy..

Unknown said...


If you have ever been to Iran (which you have not), you would notice how people openly speak their mind about politics and the government. In the demonstrations last year some idiots were yelling 'death to the dictator' and 'death to khamenei.' These people are free today.

The reformists have long been calling for referendums on this and that. This is not something new. Many have openly objected to "velayat-e-faqih" and the need for a Guardians council.

Like Potkin, you have a warped and ill-informed understanding of Iran and its society. If you want to continue to wallow in your ignorance - fine. But I suggest you do some research beyond the stupid propaganda hosted on this blog.