Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mixed Results Boards to be Banned from Iran's Universities

The country is facing grave economic and social catastrophes but just like comical Ali in his final days, Iranian officials are living in a state of total denial. The Science Minister, Kamran Daneshjoo, was interviewed on state TV few days ago. He denied important issues like the brain drain facing the country and instead unveiled his plans for new Islamic universities. Daneshjoo claimed that after three decades since the Islamic revolution in 1979, Iran's schools and universities were still run based on Western models and were not Islamised enough. When the TV presenter asked Daneshjoo, what will his ideal Islamic universities be like? What do you think was on the top of his list? You probably guessed from the title of this post. To a bemused looking presenter, Daneshjoo replied 'Mixed results boards will be banned and will be segregated'.

Presumably a mixed results board means male and female students will huddle together in front of the results board and some un-Islamic activities will then pursue, leading to threats against the national security of the country. At a time when the rest of the world is pursuing to lead the science and technology race, the most important issue for Iran's Science Minister is the mixed results boards!

And where did Kamran Daneshjoo, who conducted the fraudulent 2009 elections study himself? Here in the good old UK, where there are mixed student resident halls, mixed lecture halls, mixed student bars as well as mixed results boards. Only Kamran Daneshjoo was deported from UK. We are not sure why? He claims its because he took part in an anti-Salman Rushdie demonstration.

On Daneshjoo's own university page, he states he is a graduate of Manchester Imperial Institute of Science and Technology. Does anyone know where that is?


Anonymous said...

And UNESCO rewards this by asking Iran to host the 2010 World Philsophy Congress in Tehran: http://andreasmoser.wordpress.com/2010/10/11/unesco-world-philosophy-day-why-in-iran/ - Unbelievable!

Unknown said...

Potkin, what is your real evidence for the "fraudulent election"? You have repeatedly referred to the election as a "coup" but has your mullah-friend ,Karroubi, presented any evidence that he did not get less than 1% of the vote?Why do 3 post-election surveys give him 0-1% support within Iran? Even you would have done better, I think.

Surveys of the Iranian public

Btw, Iran is leading in science and research - including stem cell research and cloning. If there is a "brain drain" it is only because the IRI is too successful at training the best engineers and scientists. Naturally, they want to earn more in the West than they would if they stayed at home - the same was true during the Shah.

Azarmehr said...

@Reza: the best evidence is the sheer brutality and the injustice of the crackdown that followed and is still going on. If Karroubi only has 1% support then there is no need to fear him or his supporters. The very fact that so many people were killed, wounded and imprisoned and so many newspapers and sites were shut down and they are even scared of a young student who has MS and is 50% paralysed and is exiled to Zanjan prison, coupled with the fact that they always lie about everything including their qualifications is proof enough that to stay in power they cheated.

Hidden Author said...

Reza, you failed to reply to me. Are you chicken? Here's what I said to you:

Reza, I notice that the logic of IRI supporters is circular. The IRI is democratic in spite of having candidates vetted by the elite because as faithful Muslims, the Iranian people support this. But how do we know this? Well, the Iranian people vote for IRI supporters. And why? Because the elite vet the candidates. And how is this a proper democratic procedure? Because the Iranian people as faithful Muslims support this. And how do we know that this is so? Do you see how the logic here is circular?!?

Unknown said...

Sorry, Potkin, the post-election violence does not constitute as evidence of fraud. What it does show is that the 'greens' cannot accept defeat and feel that by burning buses, throwing missiles at police and looting banks they can overthrow a democratically-elected government.

Let's get some facts straight:

1)The greens claim that ,after one year, 107 people were killed. Your British friend, Martin Fletcher, reported in September 2009 that >400 people were killed by the Baseej.

2) They now admit that Taraneh Mousavi was not raped and killed.

3)Most reformist newspapers - Sharq, Mardomsalari, Aftab, Arman etc have NOT been closed down.

4) Of the 5,000 people arrested during the troubles, the vast majority have been released.

5) Outside of Tehran and Esfahan, there have been few major protests. In Mashad, Iran's second biggest city, even the greens admitted they had little support.

We won. You lost. Deal with it.

The Islamic Revolution continues.

Anonymous said...

@Reza: Iran excels in cloning because it does not currently have any ethics policy whatsoever. The government is pushing certain programs no matter what the cost. People sell their kidneys on the open market like hotcakes. For all the wonderful engineers Iran is producing there no others engaged in the humanities, dialogue, pedagogy or philosophy. That would require people to THINK and express opinions, something the IRI won't tolerate.

Unknown said...

@Hidden Author.

Sorry if I did not reply to you.

OK, you oppose the vetting of candidates. How can we have an election for the presidency and allow hundreds of candidates (475 registered in 2009) to run?

You cannot have an entirely open election and make it also a *fair* election unless you give each candidate equal access to the media - something that does not happen in the United States.

Article 115 lays down the criteria to the Guardians council for assessing the qualification of the candidates. Elections since 1997 have always had conservative and reformist candidates. I think the 2005 election was the most open.

Now, if the Iranian people did not like the choice on offer they would not have voted with 85% turnout. They would have boycotted the election and we would know that they had rejected the system.

Dariush said...

Reza, i'm sorry i thought at first you were just a joke. Now it appears that you don't have a grasp of even the most fundamental of realisations. First and foremost please explain and demonstrate how the IR is "democratic"? Tell me exactly how Valayate Faqih is remotely democratically...Look forward to your reply.

Isn't it amazing how even now your ilk are still in denial. Even after the millions of brave protestors on the streets, your ignorance and blind desperation lead to utter delusion.

You claim to be overwhelmingly popular yet employ thousands of baseej to scare the "handful" of opposition supporters off the streets.

Reality; The reason you maintain this utter deluded state of mind is the same reason you visit here, you fear us.

The truth is though, your "utopian" system is imploding gradually and the harder they press with "reforms" as these, the further they distance themselves from the public, hastening their demise.

Hidden Author said...

Reza, can't the candidates be narrowed down based on each candidate circulating a petition verifying mass support rather than have a dictator (i.e. the Supreme Leader)--or, at any rate, the dictator's cronies choose at their whim who gets to run for office?

Unknown said...


Iran's system reflects a blend of Plato's idea of sophocracy - rule of the just philosopher (velayate faqihe adel)- and Aristotle's representative democracy (with an elected president,parliament and municipal councils). I think that this is a good mix.

You should know that in the United Kingdom, where Potkin lives, the head of state, the judiciary, the upper house and civil service are all unelected but the country claims to be a "democracy".

The Islamic Republic has changed a lot in the last 30 years. It will change a lot in the next 30 years.

@Hidden Author

I have suggested that a quorum of Majlis deputies (like 10%)be required for a candidate to appear on the ballot for election to the presidency. The Guardians council can then only diaqualify him/her if there are sound legal reasons to do so which they must explain.

Remember that the "dictator's cronies" allowed secular candidates to run in 1980 in the first presidential election.

Waybec said...

Well when it comes to crimes against humanity and a traitor to the TRUE FREE cause & will of the Iranian people, than an intelligence who is innocently unaware of the facts can be forgiven. But a an intelligence who DELIBERATELY IGNORES the facts is just a collabarator! And I think we now all know what side Reza is on. I dare say Reza also enjoys all the cozy comforts of Western society while obscenely advocating the stripping of all the rights of the Iranian common people from afar! Well it doesn't matter what God you choose to pray to Reza because your deliberate lack of conscience and concern has already shamefully disgraced what ever spirituality you supposedly have? The pompous greed and pipe-piper tune of arrogant oppression you CHOOSE to march too in this world, has already reduced you to just becoming another foot soldier in hell... So have a care my friend. Already the very nature of your soul is questionable! Carry on the way you're going and soon it will be answerable! As a man of a fogivable conscience I give you this good grace warning as someone who has actually died three times and been brought back. And the other side is so simple my friend. Peace, love and light... That's it... None of this man-made convoluted religious mumbo-jumbo. So ignore this free advice at your spirtitual peril. In otherwords please become a better human being acting for your felow better human beings. And not just another easy hypocritical mouthpiece of some selfish ego-centric evil driven tyranny! The choice is truly yours to be ultimatey judged on: Spirit or Spite..??? Again, peace.

Unknown said...


You are not Iranian, right? So how can you accuse anyone of being a "traitor" to the Iranian people?

When you realise just how much good this Islamic Revolution has done for the people of Iran, you will see that your protests are empty. That is why surveys of the Iranian public consistently show strong support for the Islamic system which ,as Muslims, they are bound to uphold and defend.

Potkin wants to return Iran to the arbab-nokar (master-slave) relationship with the West it suffered from during the time of the Shah. He appears on British TV calling for intervention in Iran and handing over the rights and freedoms of Iranians to foreigners.

Azarmehr said...

'He appears on British TV calling for intervention in Iran and handing over the rights and freedoms of Iranians to foreigners.' :)))))


Unknown said...


Below is your interview with your good friends in the British State broadcasting corporation where you call for western intervention in Iran, and for which you refer to as "crucial"(7:02) in overturning the democratic verdict of the Iranian people.

Potkin talks to the BBC

I also like your 'mathematical' analysis on the variation in the results nationwide. You claimed they used an equation: y=2x to produce the figures.

But what about the 2 provinces and 46 districts that Mousavi won? What about Khash in Baluchistan which Mousavi won with 81% of the vote? Where was y=2x there???

I think your best interview is with Al Jazeera where you deny the rural support for Ahmadinejad claiming that there are no scientific polls on their preferences - completely untrue.

Potkin talks to Al Jazeera

You really fancy yourself as an expert on everything - even statistics!

Waybec said...

You're right Reza. I'm not Iranian. I care to call myself more a citizen of the Earth and simply human. Although I have many Iranian friends who tell me the same thing: 'Prison Iran.' One friend now can't even email me because he's monitored. You can call it and cut it and fool yourself anyway which way you like my friend. but Freedom of will, expression and voice in Iran is not only oppressed but murderously crushed! You can defend Islam - fine. But how can any truly peace loving and spiritual person defend a Stalinistic regime abusing religion for political and personal gain? If you truly believe in the good of your religion than why allow the current regime to exploit and make an obscitity out of it my lining their own back pockets with greed, enterprise and power. Or do you defend it because YOU fall into this group? A Republic is also meant to be for THE people isn't it? And yet the evil apparatus continues just to make Iran a ONE party Police State. Where all objections are either victimised, persecuted, threatened and terrorised! Just like Potkin I don't want foreigners to rule Iran. I want a proper self determination with ALL the people of Iran represented and involved. And that means proper democracy. Proper liberty. Proper voices and proper equalities for both sexes, all faiths and political persuasions. Not just an adherence to that black vulture Khamanei! Because unfortunately fear, negativity and deflection of argument is the only things the current regime offers. I.e The elections were fair Ha! Referendums were cast. Ha. We hate America, Israel and Britain, so we must be good. Ha! OK, I don't like a lot of American, Israeli or British policy either. But at least I don't grandstand from tyranny! You may not like this argument, but only when Iran is secular, OPENLY democratic and Free! Then it will be a great voice in the middle east. Because then it can properly and objectively criticise Western and Israeli policy without also adding to the problem by gun-running and conducting proxy wars within the region. Can't you see that what the world actually and REALLY needs right now Reza is a new set of morals and ethics to take it into the future. Not the same ol' bigoted faiths and ideologies that forever spill blood and spread terror with the same ol' constant arguments that our great great great grandfathers started! But again, I'm not Iranian, but then again, YOU are, and yet where do you live? Peace.

Waybec said...

Dear Reza. You're right. I'm not Iranian. But at least I'm not an Iranian living in England dictating what's good for them! I have many Iranian friends and speaking more as a citizen of the Earth & as a humble human being, I most certainly empathise with their intelligence, good grace and strong spirit. But what I DON'T empathise with is the Gorilla thug mentality nor the guerilla gun running greed of the current black vulture Iranian regime that oppresses such intelligence and good spirit! So what exactly is an Islamic Republic eh Reza? Suppose you tell me? Is it a fair open minded society that embraces all viewpoints, ideologies. beliefs and both sexes to FREELY speak? Or is it really just a bigoted, male michizmo driven Stalinistic approach that dictates a one party rule to protect it's own arrogant power base and the lining it's own Revolutionary Guard and hubris Mullah back pockets! OK, a tyranny is one thing. But a THEOCRATIC tyranny has surely got to be a lot worse when a MAN or a group of MEN can supercede any answerable or accountable JUST rule of law by simply saying that they speak for God! Ha! Come on, The truth is, the current regime is built on nothing more than negatives, deflection and destortion. 'WE hate America, Isreal nd Britain, so hey - we must be good. We speak up for the Palestenian's - so hey, we must be good. We march to the jihad jingoistic bomb and bullet tune of Islam, so hey - we must be good!'
Yeah right... I admit... I don't agree with a lot of American, Israeli nor British policy either! But at least I don't blindly grandstand from the position of a religious tyranny. Neither I nor Potkin want foreigners to rule Iran! We just want the TRUE represented voice of the people to rule Iran. Not the cheating, made up, frudulent, manipulated Khamanei stats that you often quote! Yes, 85 percent of Iranians voted. Why? Because they at last saw a chance - a glimmer of hope that the cartel of selfish dictating Mullahs would at last be broken. But instead of that - the promise was broken by yet another cheating Mullah called Khamanei! For just like the Shah, Khamanei has also turned out to the biggest traitor of the Iranian people. Simply by putting his own wealth, ego, power and position before the true voice of the people! And that INDEED is the TRUE reason why this aggreived debate still rages a year and a half on! It's not about the bits of propaganga stats and sheets you constantly quote. It's about the people being DENIED the true voice by all those ONE PARTY stats and sheets! Again my friend, there's a greater universal ethic and morality than your current blind-sided code. Allah of course is forever touted as the all peaceful and merciful, And yet why do so-called defenders of his faith always allow greed, spite and the pursuit of Earthly powers prevail to the cost of the people AND THE SPIRIT? But hey, I'm just an un-religious Brit eh Reza? So what do I know? Peace... I think the salvation of your soul more than mine needs it!

Waybec said...

Dear Reza. You're right. I'm not an Iranian. But what's worse? A Brit simply wanting a proper OPEN INDEPENDENT democracy, equality, freedom and liberty for all. Or an Iranian living in Britain saying the Iranian Nation is quite OK with living under the rule of wolves like sheep? I do have many Iranian friends however, and basically they are ALL fed up with being ruled by a Goirilla thug mentality that supports a Guerilla gun-running network to line their own greedy Revoluntionary Guard and dark Mullah back pockets! Just like Potkin, I don't want foreigners ruling Iran. I want the true represented voice of the Irani people ruling Iran. NOT the Manipulated frudulent made up stats that you often quote to always favour the black vulture regime of Khamanei! So.... Suppose you tell me just what exactly is the Islamic Republic of Iran? Is it a charter that allows freedom of speech to both sexes and all religious denominations and political beliefs? Or is it just a Stalinistic bigoted stamp to crush all opposing voices, so that it can continue it's current Satanistic apparatus of a a One Party Police State! This is why the arguments STILL rage on One and a half years later my friend Reza! Because through sheer greed, ego, hubris and murderous hypocroisy, the regime of Khamamanei put his own prideful position above that of the TRUE VOICE of people! And to say otherwise IS the betray the JUST cause of the Global Human conscience. never mind that of a nation! Peace....

Waybec said...

P.s. I apologise to you Potkin, the readers and even Reza for the multitude of reply emails. I didn't think two of them got through! However, I'll let all 3 of them stand despite some repetition. Hoping that there is at least some valid humble comment to come out of the no doubt protracted arguments. Again, apologises for hogging the airwaves to everyone. It wasn't my intention!

Azarmehr said...

@waybec: You are more than welcome to leave as many comments as you like

Unknown said...


Have you ever been to Iran? Do you know anything about the country other than through the 'information'posted on this site and what the capitalist media and the BBC reports?

I don't understand your interest in Iran - do you have friends in the People's Mujahedeen or are you a supporter of the state of Israel?

I should point out that Potkin has imposed exile on himself completely unnecessarily. Now the Azarmehr family have become Londoners and Potkin's children will grow up divorced from their heritage and culture.

Waybec said...

Hello again Reza. Yes I've been to Tehran. Yes I have normal common folk friends living both in Iran and England. No, none of us support the Mujahedeen nor Israeli policy. (Notice, I make the distiction between Isreali people and it's goverance!) And what is my interest in Iran..? Well, any man of a greater higher spirit and wider wisedom would already know the answer to that question: Humankind, my friend. Simple Humankind! Because to ignore, excuse, apologise and abandon the TRUE JUST cause of others, surely demishes us all! Peace...

Celia Correia said...

I have never been to Iran, am not Iranian but what I know I know about your country:
1) Human rights lawyers incarcerated and prevented from exercising their job. DO YOU DENY IT?
2) Prisoners denied the most elementary rights such as: a solicitor, keeping in touch with their families, widespread torture. DO YOU DENY IT?

I v. much doubt you'll respond to me. What can you say about these?