Sunday, October 24, 2010

Lauren Booth Converts to Islam


Unknown said...

Seems like you are running out of ideas of what to blog about, Potkin.

Things really have changed since a year ago when the CIA-backed 'green movement' looked like it was a force.

Thankfully, as Ayatollah Khamenei said in Qom, Iranians have been "vaccinated against the microbes" of sedition and your propaganda.

Waybec said...

Well bang goes her equality and objectivity then! Sorry, I have no problem with religion when it's a matter of personal choice. But in terms of mass media, doesn't this now make Press TV even more the biased and religously loaded News channel..? Something that's ALWAYS been against Ofcom's regulations - if only it paid more attention!

Anonymous said...

Lauren, you need to go to block 208 of Evin, and don't forget Rajai Shahr. Perhaps your overwhelming sense of peace will resolve itself. I'm sorry you drank the koolaid of the Islamic Republic but it seems you were headed that way all along.

Azarmehr said...

@Reza: I think its wonderful that she has now converted. At last, unlike you, she will practice what she preaches and hopefully she will manage to stay away from the bottle.

I think you require more than vaccination though

Unknown said...

That's nice, Potkin. Maybe you too should go to Qom and have a similar spiritual experience? Then you can work for PressTV.

I guess you now feel like you have been dumped by the western media. Nobody is interested any more in the "struggle for freedom" in Iran - at one point last year, you were everywhere on the news channels: Channel 4, BBC, Al Jazeera etc.

Btw, BBC Farsi contacted me about appearing on their "Pargar" programme. I told them to go to hell, but I suggested yourself as a potential guest.

Anyway, best of luck. Reza

Anonymous said... WISH the CIA was behind the green movement. Then all the IRI killers would have been vindicated in their propaganda and it would have made you happy. Alas, the Green movement is well and alive, just waiting for the right time...

Azarmehr said...

@Reza: Sadly persian media for several reasons do not like hosting me. Most probably because they know I think they are a bunch of saps who miss opportunity after opportunity. For some reason they love having people like you on the show.

I am still popular with the non-Persian media though, much to your dislike. I just don't get much time to brag about it.

Also I don;t need to go to Qom for a spiritual experience. Unlike Lauren Booth, I don't suffer from traumatic emotional experiences of not being noticed like 'My sister is so successful why can't I be like her' or guilt complexes like 'I started fishing for an extra marital affair on Facebook and then my husband had an accident and went in a coma'. I think you could do well with going to Qom though. I always thought you have similar problems like Lauren and sometimes even thought you may be her.

If you do go to Qom, stay away from sohan you will end up putting a 100 kilos like Lauren Booth has which means you will have to be hospitalised in Qom and miss out the privileges you enjoy living here.

Unknown said...


I think BBC Farsi is desperate to make itself out as impartial. But why does it think it can be? It is funded by the Foreign and Commonwealth office! I would accept their invitation if they allowed us to have a one on one debate. It would be loved inside Iran: an audience of 10 million would be guaranteed.


Come on. The "green revolution" in Iran is no different to the orange/rose/tulip revolutions in the former soviet republics. It is not the CIA so much as the NED (National Endowment for Democracy).

Mir Hussein Mousavi developed extensive ties to foreign intelligence agencies during the Iran-Contra scandal. The man in Washington who facilitated it was a certain 'Michael Ledeen' who would later become the architect of the plan for fomenting a "popular revolution" in Iran.

I suggest you watch the video where he debates Flynt Leverett and admits to having long-standing ties to Mousavi's aides.

Ledeen v Leverett

Try and watch the whole video, but focus on 36:00-36:45.

Dariush said...

Congratulations on your new recruit Reza, to paraphrase your mentor, we've been "vaccinated" of her. She's all yours. Let's see how long she lasts in the quagmire of subservience.

Unknown said...

Thanks, Daryoush.

I should point out that another Briton, Iran's snooker coach, has converted to Islam.

Another Brit converts

There is no doubt that the holiness of Islamic Iran and the guardianship of the Hidden Imam (may his coming be hastened) is making believers out of infidels.

I wish Potkin would realise that you cannot defeat a divinely-ordanined government. You can fight the Baseej in the streets and rooftops but can you fight God and the holy Prophet?

Anonymous said...

@ Reza
ha ha, I WISH Mr. Ledeen had the kind of power you THINK he does. He is just an academic at a think tank. And he probably thinks the people at N.E.D. are too liberal. The Endowment has been trying for YEARS to break into Iran with NO success. They are practically THROWING money at IRanian civil society groups but nobody is buying it. That's because Iranian greenies have a mind of their own.

Anonymous said...

print my comment you lying bastard