Monday, November 22, 2010

IRI Foreign Minister Praises Fraudster Kordan

In any other normal country it would have been a huge scandal. For a cabinet minister to have faked and forged an Oxford PHD in such an obvious vulgar way, it would have meant all sorts of grave consequences including the entire cabinet resigning. In the Islamic Republic of Iran and in an administration led by Ahamdinejad, such forgeries seem to be normal and even praiseworthy however. Blatant cheating, forgery and lying seem to be recommendable attributes that enable you to climb up the promotion ladder in Ahamdinejad's administration.

On the anniversary of Kordan's death, Manouchehr Mottaki, Iran's Foreign Minister not only did not try to distance himself from this former interior minister falsifier but he praised him by saying 'whether as a governor or as the interior minister, Kordan was a resolute man with stamina and strength'!

Motaki continued 'the late Kordan, was totally absorbed, in the spring of Velayat [obedience to the Supreme Leader] and in the shadow of Velayat..' Nothing to argue with Mottaki on that point.

'I salute Kordan's spirit and I ask the Almighty to keep us steadfast in our common path of progress and justice, so that we can serve this great nation.' Mottaki ended his praise for the deceased fraudster.

It was also revealed that Kordan had a rape conviction before the 1979 revolution.

May the Almighty have mercy for us all.

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