Monday, November 15, 2010

Symbols of Freedom Who Will Inspire Many More

'It is not those who inflict the most but those who can suffer the most who will prevail'. The very first time I heard this quote, it struck a chord with me. I always admired those who against all odds stuck to their beliefs no matter what the consequences, people whose strength was not in inflicting damage onto others but in their courage and resilience to tolerate the pain and the suffering meted out against them by the oppressors. Perhaps because such tolerance of pain and suffering was so remote to my own abilities. 

Last Saturday, the world cheered the release of Aung San Suu Kyi, a woman who has had the courage to share the sufferings of her people in Burma, and today was the trial of Nasrin Sotoudeh, an Iranian human rights lawyer who has said 'If I can not save my clients, I might as well die with them'.

The strength of these women in facing the consequences against them is beyond words. They may become the very manifestations of the opening quote in this post, they may prevail in their life time, but they will definitely, without a shadow of doubt, inspire thousands more to seek freedom and justice and hence prevail at the end.


Waybec said...

Well such people always highlight the shameful schism in our humanity! The divide between the selfish and the selfless. It's just a double shame that in the case of Myramar's and Iran's current junta, you'll also find the selfish MEN who bully selfless WOMEN!

Waybec said...

Hi Azarmehr... It's your superfan Waybec here! Ha... Thus the following is - NOT FOR PUBLICATION!
But to help silence your recent critics, maybe you should highlight the more weightier issues for a while. I thought Mohammad Mostafael's open letter to Khamanei was excellent. Surely damning Khanmaei and his mudrderous cheating cohorts to the firey chambers of hell! And with the Bassij now insidiously set up as the truly evil Big Brother entity to counter the media and Internet in a 'soft war,' surely this confirms their status as the Fantanical Islamic Gestapo! When Ahamndinejad also laughingly called for logic, justice and respect from the International community. Let's always highlight that HE absolutely BETRAYED and slaughtered such concepts when it comes to the Iranian people! Likewise, when Khamanei speaks of the Divine, how come he has long since succumbed to the black throne of dark Earthly pleasures such as power, ego and obscene wealth! In otherwords, never tire of highlighting the sheer utter self-interested hypocrisy of the regime! Azadi Irani... From your like-minded - rather than 'superfan' - friend, Wayne.