Friday, November 19, 2010

So Which One is the Liar??

Sept 19, 2010:

AMANPOUR: OK. I’d like your opinion on stoning.
AHMADINEJAD: first, what I want to say is that Miss Mohammadi was never sentenced to stoning. This was news that was produced and incorrect

Not the first time Ahmadinejad's statement is contradicted by the judiciary officials in Iran but here is the latest one:

Hojat-ol-Islam Malek Ezhdar Sharifi, Chief of East Azerbaijan Judiciary, quoted in pro-Ahmadinejad Farsnews yesterday:
'The correct news about this person [Sakineh] is that she has been condemned to stoning for betraying her husband'.

One of the two must be lying! and some slap heads still bother to analyse statistics to see if cheating took place in Iran's presidential elections or not!


Waybec said...

Well 'logic','justice' and 'respect'... These were the words Ahmandinejad recently demanded from the West. And yet he himself spits on them, when it comes to the properly representing the rights of ALL the Iranian people. As Ghida Fakhry - the intelligent Al-jazeera reporter once remarked after interviewing Ahmandinejad. 'He's rational one minute, and then totally irrational and provocative the next.' But then again doesn't paranoid schizophrenia typify the current Iranian regime and it's corrupt political judiciary perfectly? If further proof were needed then just take a look at the new 'Bassij Press' recently rolled out. An organization who's sole purpose is to insidiously infiltrate and control all aspects of the media and On-line activity. So now these paid off thugs can not only terrorise, vandalize and brutalise with inpunity! They also get the green light to dictate, 're-educate' and spy! So hey - congratulations Ahmandinejad and Khamanei. You can finally and justly call yourselves the proud fathers of the first ever Islamic Gestapo! But then again what d'you expect from a bunch of paranoid schizoprenics who's murderous and cheating ways means that in the end they just don't trust no-one! Unfortunately it's just a shame for the rest of us in this world, that paranoid schizoprenics become even more bloody dangerous if left to go on untreated!

Anonymous said...

hey potkin,

please do not fool your readers.

1. the article talks about SAKINEH MOHAMMADI. the addition ASHTIANI is not being mentioned.

2. the article is from august 1989!!!

Azarmehr said...

@Iranopoly: To say you are a fool is an understatement.

Your point 1 is not even worth answering.

Re your also stupid point 2:

The date is :
خبر پوششي - استانها
شماره : 8908250452
89/08/25 - 13:11

25 Aban, 1389 which is Nov 16, 2010

Homayoon said...

Iranopoly wrote:
> 2. the article is from august 1989!!!

Pure blatant Ahmadinejad-style lying. The Web was publicly introduced in December 1990!