Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Ahmadinejad's Exorcist Arrested

The recent rift between the Supreme Leader and Ahamdinejad which led to the later's 10 day absent from cabinet meetings seems to be over for now, after Ahmadinejad returned to office and thanked the supreme leader for supporting his administration and in return affirmed the tenth administration’s unquestioned adherence to the principle of Velayat-e Faghih [rule of jurisprudence]. The rift has left several casualties on both sides however. Two of the casualties on Ahmadinejad's side are the presidential prayer leader, Abbas Amirifar and Ahmadinejad's personal exorcist, Abbas Ghaffari.

Abbas Amirifar is accused of being the man behind the controversial CD which was circulated in Iran depicting Ahmadinejad as the prophesied, Shoaib-ibn-Saleh. the right hand man of Imam Mahdi, who will liberate the world according to the Shiite theology, from corruption and repression. According to the CD, Ahmadinejad manifests all the prophesied characteristics which include a small beard, thin body frame, dark skin, leader of armies, sharp insight with strong determination and from the city of Ray, current day Tehran. Amirifar has also showed unequivocal support for Ahmadinejad's right hand man, Rahim Mashaei.

The other interesting casualty which is said to be the most important reason for Ahmadinejad's 10 day absence, is the arrest of his mysterious exorcist, Abbas Ghaffari. The website which first reported the arrest of the exorcist, 1Shanbeh, claims metaphysical capabilities that Abbas Ghaffari is supposed to have and hints that the sudden heart attack of Ghaffari's interrogator could also have something to do with Ghaffari's skills in the black art.

Meanwhile the most conscious and educated people in the region continue to live under the spell and the rule of the most superstitious and deluded gang of thugs who run the Islamic Republic of Iran.


Waybec said...

Far from the skull and crossbone alliance of Khamanei and Ahmandinejad deluding themselves that The Islamic Rebublic is this great ocean of tidal influence--- it's fast just becoming a stagnate pool full of piranhas and a boat full of rotting holes. Not only that, but the storm front on all sides is still slowly coming. The pirate ship full of thieves, cutthroats and flat Earth superstitions will surely drown! Then maybe - finally - a proper intelligent secular democracy will take the helm!

Waybec said...

Hi Potkin (NOT FOR PUBLICATION) As a bloke you now know shares your views a 100 percent, I am a little mystfied as to why the Iranian public haven't mobolised against the regime lately? Can you offer any clues or insights as to the current psyche, reasoning and thought processes of the populance? On a positive note, it's good to see Khamenei and Ahmandinejad at each other's throats. If Ahmandinejad resigns, it would make my day. Purely because it would also make Khamanei look like a total twat too! When people are now virtually arrested for witchraft - God - Enough already! How much longer can the Iranian people put up with the delluded insane asylum running their country...??

Waybec said...

P.s Potkin (NOT FOR PUBLICATION) What's happened to George Galloway appearing on Press TV lately? Has he finally realised that the game is up? That the democratic process is finally closing in on Iran to expose his blatant blood money hypocrisy? Time to move onto the next 'under the radar' dictatorship to prop up the personal coffers and blustering publicity seeking ego under the sham of being pious and righteous eh? Maybe you ought to give his sudden abscence a mention? Potkin? If you find any good points in my words, Thn you're free to use 'em.

Anonymous said...

what a load of crap you westenized freak show

Azarmehr said...

Hi Waybec

Like to answer your questions but dont know how to contact you