Friday, June 17, 2011

Bashar Assad's Sick Regime

Words can not describe this sick regime of Bashar Assad and its backers


Waybec said...

Yep - the so-called platform of resistance! The one trick pony regime that has survived for decades simply beause it's Anti-western and Anti-Israeli! Hah, no wonder Syrians are now also burning pictures of Khamanei and Nasrallah, with the street fighting spreading to parts of Lebanon. Basially most decent people are just fed up with these gun-running gangsters who just use religion and hate speak to cling onto their own fat egostistical positions of power. It's all about oppressive greed not princible. Thereby friends of that murderous Assad are just as much the gestapo fiends who deserve the people's democratic ire to overthrow their obscenely wealthy power base too! The protests in Syria aren't and won't go away until Assad is finished. Let's hope the cries of freedom march all the way up to those other democratic saboteurs of Khanamnei and Nasrallah too!

in the vanguard said...

To watch all of this cruelty, from beginning to end, you have to be cruel too. To have filmed it from beginning to end, you have to be cruel too. This is simply a demented people who do this.

Can you deny wherefrom Yishmael's offspring come from? See here to get the straight fact:

Anonymous said...

azarmehr is this a joke?

Who gives a shit. These people aren't human. I care about Iranians and only Iranians. I loathe Arabs. Any Iranian who respects this poisonous half-Kike ape race should eat a fucking dick.

The only thing Arabs, Turks, Mullahs, Muds, Niggers and those occupying Iran deserve is a slow castration and then execution.

Blood and honor - 88 - No mercy no remorse - Heil Hitler - SUMKA FOR LIFE