Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Galloway Loses Another Wager

Once again Galloway denied he ever said, he backed Ahmadinejad’s election campaign and once again he challenged someone for a £1000 wager. Of course losing a £1000 here and there is small potatoes for someone who is paid £25k/month for his programs on Press TV alone, but the point is he loses every time and he still doesn’t pay up.

Watch Galloway on Andrew Neil’s show

And a reminder of what Galloway actually said in his interview


Waybec said...

Once again the blustering hypocrite that makes excuses with deflection and accusations. Nice to see though that the drawbridge of the free world being increasingly drawn up about him, just makes him squirm even more in his shameful corner of supporting tyrants and dictators!

Dariush said...

Everybody knows that Galloway can't turn down an opportunity to spout his agenda. He is therefore an easy target for a set-up.

Neil almost played it perfectly, all that was missing was to provide viewers with the evidence to completely floor Galloway.

We need to get this evidence to the mass media, so next time Galloway plays his mouth, he can be confronted with the hard evidence of his hypocrisy.

Potkin, have you had any dealings with Neil? Is he aware of this clip proving Galloway's lies?