Thursday, June 30, 2011

Public Enquiry, Islamic Republic Style

The attack on Tehran university dormitory, three days after the fraudulent elections in 2009, was brutal even by the Islamic Republic standards.  A combined force of Islamic Republic’s most ruthless crackdown units, LEF’s Special Guards, Special Units and hired thugs and hoodlums resulted in 100 students injured and 5 killed.

A year later,  a film which must have been taken by one of the attackers reached the West, which showed captured students dragged on the floor and piled on top of each other:

Despite all the evidence shown in the film footage that the attack was organised, the regime denied responsibility and promised a judicial enquiry. Two years later this is the verdict of the judicial review into the incident:

Amir Mohammadi - Management student, 91 days prison, $1000 fine.
Ali Refahi - Social Sciences student, 3 months prison, $500 fine
Kamal Razavi, Social Sciences student, 3 months prison, $500 fine
Rassoul Mohsenzadeh, Social Sciences, 10 months prison
Amir Hossein Fazli, 91 days prison, $1000 fine
Kaveh Akbari, Social Sciences student, 10 months prison
Yadollah Nemati, 10 months prison, $1000 fine
Habib Farahzadi, 10 months prison, $1000 fine
Naeem Aghayi, 10 months prison, $500 fine
Ayub Nemati, 10 months prison, $500 fine
Avat Rezania, 3 months prison, 74 lashes or $3000 fine
Vahid Qeysari, 5 months prison, $500 fine
Ali Sahar Vakili, Social Sciences student, 4 months prison, $500 fine.

So there we have it, the students who were savagely beaten, dragged and piled on top of each other were solely responsible for the atrocity. Islamic Republic style justice.

Here is Press TV’s report of UK police brutality against the students, highlighting the extent of injuries of a UK student with a scratched hand:

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Waybec said...

Well much like the current fate of Mahnaz Mohammadi. In Iran 'you only have to be a woman and a film-maker to get arrested!

...And as for Press TV - HA - After about a 100 attempts -I finally got ONE comment published on their Website. But only because I was a bit critial of Obama and Netanyahu too. So Ha-ha folks! That's the trick! Just sound Anti-American and blame everything on a Zionist plot of cours and Press TV are bound to lap it up! But again, why worry eh? With the Regime bandits having now become the victims of their own Police State apparatus - Mistrust and fear has now become so rife within their ranks that soon the sharpened knives must surly start to be plunged into each other's backs!