Thursday, June 02, 2011

Iran's Green Revolution and the Arab Spring

I think last time I wrote about a debate at the Frontline Club, was five years ago. This time, it was different, I was one of the panel members :)

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Dariush said...

Nice work Potkin jan. Good to see you challenge the lady who suggested Ahmadinejad was representative of a secular movement.

Very interesting situation now between the factions. Is it at all possible that this is all orchestrated, perhaps to avoid a presidential election in 2 years time? I wouldn't put anything past them.

Is this Ahmadinejad vs Supreme Leader, or rather the Clerics vs Pasdaran?

Waybec said...

A good debate inspite of the 'rude one.' Ha, only joking Potkin. Of course if I said I agreed with ALL of the panel's comments, Islamic Republic sychophants will no doubt just accuse me of being unobjective in there not being a IRI representative on the panel??? Therefore my only answer can be this: At about the same time, the black vulture King - otherwise known as Khamenemi repeated the same old boring platform speech of being anti-American and anti-Zionist! Yes, there ARE many things very wrong with U.S.and Isreali policy. But d'you think we''re REALLY going to lisen to a corrupt greedy old fart who live's in the Shah's palaces - has billions - and sanctions the Police State torture, rape and murder of Iranian citizens just because they seek a proper justice and democratic system??? No matter which way you cut it - The IRI is just as much a black cancer as any sin it supposedly speaks out against!

Anonymous said...

Isn't it funny how the "left" and ppl like Obama are supporting the Arab spring? Didn't Bin Laden support it too? Do we have any idea what we're supporting? The lefty media portrayed the Iranian protestors as "spoilt rich kids" that don't represent the ppl of Iran. Obama is worse than Carter.