Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bashar's Soldiers Massacre Donkeys

I remember years ago, there were massive protests in UK against the cruel transportation of cattle from UK to France. Protesters were horrified that the cattle transported to be slaughtered for meat, were packed too close to each other inside the lorries and were not enjoying a comfortable ride.
One woman protester was even 'martyred' after she threw herself in front of a lorry that was carrying the cattle.

The unbelievable barbarity shown against fellow human beings in Syria however, has not resulted in any significant similar protests in UK and I wonder if this massacre of donkeys by Bashar's soldiers will either. In the footage below, you see innocent donkeys, completely unaware of Syria's political tensions, machined gun by Bashar's "courageous" army:

Despite all their valour in battle, one donkey seems to get away. The Syrian security forces are probably desperately seeking its whereabouts.

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