Sunday, September 04, 2011

Fresh Protests to Save Lake Oroumiyeh

Tabriz and Oroumiyeh in Iranian Azerbijan were scenes of more clashes yesterday, between protesters and Islamic Republic's security forces. Protesters say government policies and mismanagement are the direct causes of Lake Oroumiyeh, drying up, which if not prevented will result in the  world's third biggest salt lake becoming a salt desert, causing an environmental catastrophe which will affect 14 million lives. The Iranian regime, as usual, has responded in the only way it knows, to any meeting and gathering not sanctioned by the regime, brute force and arrests.

Protesters in this footage chant "We are ready to lay our lives, We are all Babak's Soldiers" - Babak being the National hero of Iran from the Azeri province who resisted the Arab invasion for 22 years.

Youth who had participated in the protests are tracked down and arrested

So far the German Green Party, has issued a statement condemning the Iranian government's crackdown on protesters and its mismanagement of the lake. No word yet from UK environmental groups however. Perhaps Iranian activists should alert them to what is happening.


Waybec said...

Since PressTV - the anti-semetic, anti-American, anti-EU, anti-UK and Anti-democratic channel will deliberately ignore reporting this in favour of all rosy - sweetness and light news only ever existing in Iran - HA! I did write to Aljazeera asking if they would report about this? After all, an environmental issue with oppressed voices demanding to be heard should be right up their street shouldn't it??? A double whammy of worthy WORTHWHILE news if ever I saw one! Certainly it would be something to make PressTV and the whole Regime cringe - especially when they're currently more interested in being the obscene conspirators and excusers of that murderous dictator Assad! P.s. By the way, I recently wrote a website comment to PressTV and it was answered and argued against by myself! I never replied to myself of course, just thought I'd highlight the fact that the Basiji overseer's of that channel made a mistake when replying. Can't prove it of course, but it stands to reason that most comments and replies on PressTv's Webpage are planted. Again you only ever get published if you can fit some Anti-Zionist round peg into a square hole - or if Khamanei's cyber Gestapo can see an idotic oppotunity to argue against you!!! Hey-ho---- Just thought I'd let all readers of this blog know...

Winston said...

This could be our own 'arab spring' moment?