Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Prepare for Global Operations

Watch the video. The exact translation of Hassan Rahimpour Azghadi's speech, made last Friday, is written below. Hassan Rahimpour Azghadi is the strategist and theoretician for the ruling hardline faction in Iran and has been a member of the Supreme Cultural Revolution Council for nine years. Some of the former political prisoners in Iran also claim he was one of their interrogators.


'Whereas before the operational units had to go to the fronts in the South and West of the country, they should now prepare themselves to go to North Africa, go to East Asia, go to the heart of Europe. We now have to be prepared for global operations. My generation is getting old, the next generation must now be trained for the next three or four decades, to be prepared to go to the help of their Muslim brothers in North of Africa, in the South of Africa, in East Asia, in Middle Asia and free Muslims in the heart of Europe.

Its all done now, it has become global, the revolution is exported, we kept saying the revolution must be exported, the revolution IS exported now and on its way, our units are now present throughout the five continents and they are fighting everywhere against the imperialist oppressors , we have to make the preliminary preparations for the coming of Imam and prepare for an international Jihad and not be scared of anyone.

This America and the West, they go and bomb, loot and occupy any where they like and even officially say we came and we will come again too. Yet if we say quietly, we provide moral support for our brothers in Iraq and Palestine, they say 'you shouldn't, you are terrorists'. No, we should provide explicit support, you explicitly say you come to occupy and we should explicitly say and we are here to confront your occupation, we have a religious duty. The Islamic revolution of Iran is the mother of all Islamic revolutions, and Iran is the second home of all the Jihadi combatants around the world.

These were what Imam Khomeini said in his speeches, have you forgotten them? Imam Khomeini said, we should eliminate Israel, we should free Quds, and yes we will, we are doing it. If they say we can't, we will reply, well we have been doing it until now and it is happening. Look at Lebanon, look at Gaza, we will liberate the rest too. Put your heads up and say yes you explicitly say you occupy and we explicitly say we are standing by our Muslim brothers. This is all in our constitution.

Sadly after Imam Khomeini, some came and said we want to ease the strained relations with the West, with imperialism. What does that mean? Did Imam Khomeini try to do this? Imam said the war between the poor and the rich, the war between the dispossessed and the oppressors, the liberation of Muslims and used to say, we will not allow you to have any interests.

You think its a joke that within 7 months, four Arab regimes collapse? God willing, three or four more will also collapse in the next few months and few years. We have to prepare for a global battle, our intelligence units, operation units and subversion units [laughs] have to be prepared, instead of when they were told go to this part or that part of Iran, they should now be told they have to prepare to go anywhere in the world. They have to be prepared to go and fight in Latin America, go to East of Asia and fight, go to Middle Asia and liberate their Muslim brothers, go to the heart of Europe, just like when our units set foot in Lebanon, the situation n Lebanon and Palestine changed. When they went to Bosnia, the situation in Bosnia and the Balkans changed, until then Muslims in Bosnia kept getting hit, its only when the message of our martyrs and the style of our Jihad went to Bosnia that the situation in Bosnia changed. The cards only turned when they went to Lebanon, Palestine and Gaza. Everyone says the Gaza resistance is the work of Iran, The Israeli Prime Minister said himself, there is an Islamic Republic in Lebanon and there is an Islamic Republic in Gaza. Now another Islamic Republic is being set up in the Sinai desert in Egypt after the recent operations. If the Israelis retreat in the West Bank, there will be another Islamic Republic there too. On the whole the Israelis thought they would encircle our revolution but in fact we have encircled them'


Winston said...

The Iranian regime is in trouble. They're trying to project their troubles outside of their geographical borders in order to create havoc and distraction. This is a paper-tiger regime.

Waybec said...

Hate to say it, but all the time Obama can sell out his objectivity and princibles to the likes of Netanyahu scalding him like a poor schoolboy in public - such men like Hassan Rahimpour Azghadi will always thrive... Indeed the whole Planet Of The Apes Iranian Regime only survives on this one fact: THe other side of the coin evil Resistance... Look at the Palestinian Intifada confab? Nothing but a bunch of aged and jaded primates with chimp Ahmandinejad, baboon Larijani, gorilla Ahmad Khatami and chief orangutag Khamenei heading the pact. The rightful cause of the Palestinian people just being used and abused as a platform to repeat the same ol' negative diatribes against the Regime's enemies. And if I'm a being all a bit cheap and crass by calling such men apes, don't such 'men' always call Jews pigs? So I merely make the point of such cheap crassness even within the highranking folds of politics, faith and religion...
Nah, once again caught between Cowboy Corporate greed and Islamic tyranny, what the world IS really screaming out for now is the 3rd Way. The proper platform that upholds princibles, rationality, ethics and a fair, just, totally objectic democratic morality! Only then will Palestein be free. Only then will wars and finanical collapse no longer be brought about by money grubbing neo-cons! And only then will the current cheating leaders of the IRI finally take thei proper places in history by rotting in jail!