Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Iran State TV News Hoax on Capture of US Embassy by the Libyan Rebels

How can the Iranian state TV news program avoid getting the news wrong when the entire establishment is delusional about being the leader of the Arab Spring? Pro-government newspapers are full of it and the Friday Prayer leaders keep reminding the faithful during their sermons; Islamic Republic is the leader of the Arab awakening in the area and the people of Tunisia, Egypt and Libya want nothing other than an Islamic Republic based on the model in Iran!

Such declarations however, need some kind of tangible evidence to be backed up and if there is no such news, why not make it up?

Accordingly, the Iranian state TV here, used the Reuters footage which shows Gaddafi supporters ransacking the abandoned American embassy, five months ago as the footage for their incredible lie that the Libyan rebels have taken over the US embassy and kicked out its American personnel:

The news anchor confidently announces:
“The revolutionary people of Libya then went towards the US embassy and took it over. The US government has still shown no reaction to this action by the revolutionary people of Libya. “

See the Reuters visuals used in this incredible news hoax by Iran State TV news, broadcast from its channel one:

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Winston said...

A lying despicable regime....