Friday, September 02, 2011

Too Many Ties with Bashar’s Regime

Seeing pictures and footages of heroic protesters in Syria, where they too, like Iran’s citizens are fed up with their government’s constant meddling in Palestinian and Lebanese affairs, had prompted us to organise a joint counter demo with expat Syrian opposition to the annual Al-Quds parade in London, which is funded and directed by the Islamic Repubic. Yet I was horrified at the Syrian expat opposition’s lack of courage and enthusiasm and when I saw some of them actually take part in the Al-Quds march; it prompted me to become inquisitive as to who exactly were these so-called exiled Syrian opposition.

During my search, I came across a prominent British husband and his Syrian wife, Chris Doyle and Rim Turkmani. I first found out about Rim Turkmani listening to this BBC radio program. Her statements sounded too familiar, very similar to Islamic Republic apologists. I know too well their subtle ways of promoting the despotic regimes as ‘progressive' and ‘legitimate' in the region. Statements like “The Syrian regime is trying not to anger women’ or ‘So far there has only been one woman victim’ or ‘They arrested 11 women but they released them on the day. They are trying not to anger the society by arresting women” and all the other subtle hints like 'actually the Bashar regime is better for the women of Syria' What? a regime which is shooting randomly at houses, ambulances and mosques, a regime which is killing and torturing children, is being careful not to anger the society?? Does Rim Turkmani have any idea how angry the Syrian society is? Does she have any clues as to what crimes Bashar Assad’s Al-Shabiheh thugs have been up to?

So who is Rim Turkmani and her husband, Chris Doyle who regularly writes about Syrian affairs in the Guardian newspaper? Well, a simple search on the internet, reveals the couple have certain ties with the Bashar regime, despite their claims to represent the Syrian opposition.

Rim Turkmani is the co-chair of the Damask Rose Trust, supposedly an NGO which helps Syrian women. She is also the Vice President of Syrian Professional Women’s Society (UK) and a board member of the British Syrian Society.

One of the sponsors of the Damask Rose Trust, this supposedly charitable NGO, is Gulfsands Petroleum Plc, who are partly owned by Rami Maklouf, widely regarded as the most corrupt man in Syria, who has a strangle hold on Syria’s economy and is subject to US and EU sanctions.

The patron of the British Syrian Society, is also none other than Bashar Assad’s wife, Asma Al-Assad. Other directors of the British Syrian Society include, Dr Fawaz Akhras, the Harley Street doctor who also happens to be the father of Syria’s First Lady.

Something doesn’t seem right about these people who are posing as Syrian expat opposition, they seem to be too closely connected to Bashar Assad’s regime. Ties which may explain why they have been so ineffective. The brave people of Syria deserve better.


Waybec said...

Well insidious tentacles lurk behind many a pious smile.
I'm not one for great conspiracy theories but even with the Iranian Regime, I do sometimes wonder what string pulling seats have been secured to favour them with British establishments? OFCOM surly being one???
No State Run TV news channel should ever be given a licence - be it Irainian or Chinese. As stated before,the Mugabee, North Korean or even the Netanyahu channel would cause outrage in the UK, so why does the Khamanei channel ALWAYS get away with it?
That said, even apologists are starting to run out of room.
Caught between a rock and a hard place - these smug self-centred lounge lizards are rapidly just becoming exposed as the hypocritical squirming snakes.
In supporting Assad, being an Isreali Resistance force or an 'Islamic Uprising' no longer cut's the mustard to keep this band of crooks and criminals in power.
More Lebanese people's voices are rising up against Nasrallah and his gansger thugs.
Plus even the Iranian Regime is starting to look like a bunch of thieving children caught with their flies undone!
It's taking time, but basically the suppressors and saboteurs of their own people's democracies ARE fast running out of excuses and corners to run into!

Yasmin said...

Careful, many of the ex-pats are Muslim Brotherhood. They want Assad gone because he is Alawi and they want Sunni terrorists to control Syria. They're not protesting for democracy. Assad banned the Burka which made him a lot of enemies.