Monday, December 12, 2011

Sacked Worker Throws His Shoe at Ahmadinejad

Ahmadinejad was commemorating the second anniversary of the death of his former interior minister, Ali Kordan, in Sari, North Iran. The very same minister who was disgraced when his Oxford PHD qualification was found out to be absurdly fake.

Some out of work textile workers managed to enter the room and raise a banner, which increased the tensions during the speech and minor scuffles broke out.

As Ahamdinejad was praising the memories of his fraudster interior minister and ranting on about his plans to bring economic prosperity to all Iranians, a sacked textile worker who was owed months of backdated wages managed to sit close to the podium and throw his shoe at Ahmadinejad. Three security agents immediately seized the worker and started working him over until law enforcement forces managed to rescue the poor unemployed worker.

The entire program came to a halt and even the promised lunch to the pupils, who had been shuttled in to build up the numbers, was cancelled.

Meanwhile useful idiots in the West continued to praise Ahamdinejad as the champion of the workers in Iran.

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Waybec said...

Why just a shoe, when a whole host of other things should've been thrown at him! Still, the more you look at Ahmadinejad these days, the more you realize that Iran doesn't really have a president. The voters back in 2009 didn't think so then and going into 2012 neither does the Regime either! The real truth has finally caught up with him. Nothing more than a limp puppet jaded face. The perfect scapegoat candidate in fact for Khamenei to blame when the government failimgs of Iran finally explode in 2012! Only hopefully, Khamanei will also get blown up in the terror and torture tactics he alone has inflicted upon the Iranian nation. Just like Assad - A bullet, rope or the Hauge is also Khamanei's ultimate future!