Tuesday, December 27, 2011

We Don't Need Virtual US Embassy Web 'Shite', Stop the Satellite Jamming

Well it did not take long for the latest "gift" by Hilary Clinton to the people of Iran, the Virtual Embassy Web Site/Shite, to prove absolutely worthless, as I predicted after it was announced. The so-called virtual embassy was blocked by the Islamic Republic internet censors within almost minutes. Just another totally useless endeavour by the US administration who just don't listen or listen but then chase their own tail in futile projects.

On the other hand, Islamic Republic's Achilles' heel, information for the people of Iran via satellite TV, the technology that can reach the majority of Iranian people is being ignored. The Islamic Republic government, with the help of technology acquired from the Russians, is preventing millions of Iranian viewers from receiving news and information, and yet it uses the same technology provided by Western satellite companies to propagate its false news, fabricated propaganda and forced confessions.

Satellite companies like Intelsat, based in Luxemburg with offices in Washington, is able to do business with the Islamic Republic despite the US embargo, because of a license from the Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control. Intelsat vice president and spokeswoman Dianne Van Beber justifies doing business with the Islamic Republic by saying "If a customer - Islamic Republic Broadcasting - is in good standing and in compliance with the terms of our agreement, then they have the right to broadcast their content". So there you go, I get hassled by illiterate Homeland Security airport staff when I go to US but the Islamic Republic state broadcasting is "in good standing".

Making satellite companies pull out from providing broadcasts for repressive states is possible as it was shown with the EU barring any broadcasting technical aid to Gaddafi.

It is not just an obscure blogger like me who is urging the West not to allow the Islamic Republic to go unpunished for breaking all international broadcasting conventions and apply similar measures that were applied with the Libyan broadcasting, but prominent Iranian opposition figures like Shirin Ebadi and Ali Akbar Moussavi Khoeini, who are quoted in this revealing article published in the Wall Street Journal, are too. In fact rather than repeating what is said in the WSJ, I urge people to read the article.

When you read the article please make sure you remain secure and steadfast in your chair,  as you read the comment by U.N Agency's Space-Services Department, Yvon Henri, in case you are overcome with an extreme attack of laughter and fall off your chair:
The interference "appeared to be emanating from Iran." Iran said it couldn't find the source of the jamming, according to the chief of the U.N. agency's space-services department, Yvon Henri. The agency urged Iran to keep trying to find it and to "eliminate it as a matter of highest priority.
Mr. Islamic Republic! Could you please try to find the source of jamming and eliminate it, please! :))


Anonymous said...

IRGC profiting my devaluation of Rial:


Winston said...

افتابه لگن هفت دست، شام و ناهار هیچی

The current US administration is at best clueless and at worst has its hands tied to the regime's interests.

Winston said...

Oh by the way you ain't an obscure blogger. :-))