Tuesday, January 31, 2012

How Dare You wish for a 'Free Iran' in a Stop the War Rally?

Here are some more pictures from the Stop the War rally that was held outside the US embassy in London on Saturday

How Dare You Wish for a Free Iran during a Stop the War Rally?

Arch Useful Idiots and Benn and Corbyn look on and rant with their speech as Iranian pro-democracy activists are beaten up in front of their eyes

Stop the War activists and Supreme Leader supporters happily join in to bring down the Free Iran banner

Sorry can't have you in the rally, you are a pro-democracy activist!

Iranian Green Movement sympathisers in the rally

Two friendly "peace activists" in the Stop the War rally

Bashar Assad supporters with their Ba'athist flags in the Stop the War rally

Where would we be without these complete fucking idiots?


Waybec said...

Again tall heir attitudes and reasoning are totally drowned out by their own thunder! If they really wanna stop the threat of any looming wars with Syria or Iran, than surely such rallies are better served supporting the people's freedom within THOSE countries??? If both these brutal Regimes were replaced by proper democracries than the chances of war virtually disappear overnight! Plus the bellicose and bigoted Isreali policies they - yes - quite rightly often complain about would also loose a lot of it's U.S. blessing - if the Zionist Lobby run out of so called enemies to target! But nah -when it comes to Stop the War Coalition:--'Let's still just moronically march for these tyrannies because our old die-in-the-wool drum beat hatreds of imperialism suit our black & white knee-jerk reaction movement so much better eh???'

Winston said...

Fucking retards...