Saturday, January 07, 2012

Supreme Leader is Reviewing Request for Hoder's 'Release'

Hossein Derakhshan Supposedly
on Leave from Prison
The Iranian website Alef, has published an article today claiming that the Supreme Leader is reviewing a request, signed by a number of 'academic, media and cultural' figures in Iran to release Hossein Derakhshan, better known as Hoder in the West.

The article has included some of Derakhshan's revolutionary pedigree, which includes his uncle, a victim of the Islamic Republic Party HQ bombing, the Supreme Leader having performed Hoder's first wedding ceremony and the late Ayatollah Beheshti, one of the founding figures of the Islamic Republic, having recited Koran verses in his ear when he was born.

The article also praises Derakhshan and his English language skills for all the work he did in the West in justifying the regime to the Western audiences and defending the Islamic Republic's stance against the West as well as demeaning the opposition to the Islamic Republic. Simply put for the 'Useful Idiots' in the West: "His English language skills and knowing how to bamboozle the Useful Idiots, won many friends for the Islamic Republic".

Well there you go, Hoder's services for the Islamic Republic praised from the horse's mouth itself. Although it is claimed Hoder is spending his time in prison, no other political prisoner in Iran say they have seen him amongst other inmates. I wouldn't be surprised if we see Hoder once again, using his English language skills, openly serving the establishment soon.

Derakhshan on one of his Press TV appearances:


Waybec said...

Firstly - Supreme Leader is a joke! Useful idiot's have ALWAYS been a joke! And PressTV reporting this, have also been the biggest obscene Joke apart from FOX TV in being the most crass propaganda channel posing as an 'objective' news channel on mainstay media today!
So how come PressTV is still on the Sky satellite channel despite claiming OFCOM has pulled the plug on it eh? More rabble rousing? More cynical playing of the cards to elicit sympathy for Khamanei's and Assad's gestapo mouthpiece! I suppose just like the 'convenient' bombs that now go off in Syria to ONLY serve Assad's cold-bloodied murderous Regime, PressTV also primes their cynical explosives to brag that banning them in Britain is just some part of THEIR made-up plot!

Winston said...

I hope he rots in his beloved regime's jail

Winston said...

Waybec, it is not Fox TV. It is called Fox News Channel. Learn a thing or two. And why do you comment on a channel you don't even watch?

Anonymous said...

There are actually people who have been with him in Evin, including Hamzeh Ghalebi, Ali Shakourirad, and Mohammad Nourizad, who have publicly said this. Look here: