Monday, January 30, 2012

Stop the War 'Peaceniks' Attack Iranians Opposed to the Islamic Republic

Here is a film footage which shows the true face of Stop the War tyranophiles. The Iranian supporters of Green Movement were saying 'No to War and No to Dictators' but 'the No to Dictators' part was too much for the supporters of the Islamic Republic and supporters of Bashar Assad who had filled in the pitiful ranks of the Stop the War 'useful idiots' in a demonstration outside the US embassy in London on Saturday.

Supporters of Bashar Assad and the Islamic Republic carried pictures of their beloved tyrants in the protest and were helped by Stop the War and Socialist Workers Party activists in physically attacking Green Movement protesters in bringing down their posters and banners.

The speakers at the rally were the usual friends of dictators in the past, Lindsey German, Tony Benn, Jeremy Corbyn and the arch stooge of the Islamic Republic who supports Islamic Republic's jamming of satellite TVs, Imperial College lecturer, Abbas Edalat.

1min 34secs into the footage, the speaker gets Iran and Iraq mixed up :)


Waybec said...

Nobody likes war - but once again grandstanding against it from the point of other tyrannies is not only a narrow minded arrogance but also a gob-smacking deliberate ignorance! These people are so trumpted up by their own self-righteous cause that they ARE totally blind to their own brand of mouthpiece hypocrisy! No wonder Lindsey German kept choking on her words! And no wonder she along with Jeremy Corbyn could always be used and relied upon to back hand support the oppressive and murderous Iranian Regime via PressTV!

Waybec said...

P.s. Just a further thought: If the counter protester was Iranian, isn't it therefore a travesty and and an outright obscene irony that Whitey Brits should heckle and push him? Oh, the sham 'do-gooding' blind sighted conceit of these platform loving mobs eh? Still, let's just be thankful that the numbers of these 'useful idiots' are few. And I say this as a relieved Whitey Brit!