Sunday, March 04, 2012

Regime Figures for Voter Turnout are All Over the Place

As usual it is very hard to make any sense of the regime figures. The numbers just don't add up.

Interior Ministry Information site quoted the Interior Minister, Mostafa Najar, who told the reporters in a press conference, 26,472,760 people voted and the turnout % was 64.2%

The same source two weeks prior said the number of people eligible to vote was 48,288,799. Using a basic calculator to divide the number of people who voted by those eligible times 100 comes to 54%. So even if we accept the interior ministry figures for the number of people who voted, the percentage of voter turnout is still not 64% and amounts to 54%

Iran's Centre fro Stats in the 8th Majlis elections in 2008 estimated the number of people eligible to vote in Tehran and Alborz Province to be more than 8,796,000. 
The number of people who could vote for the first time was announced to be around 4 million, which means 150,000 more should have been eligible to vote this time amongst first time voters.

Morteza Tamadon Governor for Tehran said the number of those eligible to vote in Tehran province was 5Million. As the number of eligible to vote in Alborz alone is 1,345,000; this means the number of eligible people to vote has some how been reduced by at least 2,600,000 in Tehran! When did so many people leave Tehran?!

If we just use the same figures for the numbers eligible to vote, which were announced in 2009 presidential elections, it means the voter turnout in Tehran has bee extremely low, much lower than the 50% official figures.

If we ignore the official figures and assume that the number of eligible voters has in fact increased since 2009, the turnout figure will be even drastically lower still.

Some examples of blatant cheating
In the town of Asara in Karaj 100% voted
Ilam which was announced to have 273000 eligible voters showed 380000 came out to vote

Amol Kala prison which holds 900 prisoners counted 1500 votes. There is fighting amongst the two candidates there. One is pro-Ahmadinejad and the other is the IRGC man

in Boroujerd, the head of the Election HQ announced 230,000 were eligible and 134,000 voted which means 134000/230000 * 100 = 58.3%
Yet the governor announced the turnout figure as 68%. Boroujerd governor obviously needs to go back to school.


Anonymous said...

Amir, author of graphic novel Zahra's Paradise, speaks to Amnesty International about Iran, the 2009 protests, Evin, and the criminal justice system. Please watch and forward to others:

Sadin said...

Far from the Regime blowing it's own trumpet and glorifying in a ticker-tape parade over these elections - it's almost palpable that they breathed a sigh of relief and just want to quickly put this whole sham and fiasco to bed! It's obvious the more they tried to hype it up, the more they just exposed the lies, the gaffs and the pure insult to the intelligence amongst their nervous, jittery and totally unco-ordinated shamful paid off ranks. Tut! Just how much more is the TRUE moral conscience of the Iranian Nation going to put up with these foul scum of the earth crooks?

Waybec said...

Sadin - couldn't have put it better myself. Nice to note the ranks against this oppressive theocratic tyranny is spreading. With the Iranian Regime supporting that Murderous dictator Assad and their Al Quds force also running a massive drug running cartel from Afganistan to spread the sell of arms, terrorism, torture and blood money, then such a Regime along with it's deminishing Lord 'Whore-Whore' channel PressTV really doesn't have the moral, ethical or humanistic authority to speak up for other protests such as the likes of Barain. Not when it's done with a purely cynical, political and sectarian religious point of view! So Mr black buzzard Khamenei - add hypocrisy to your long list of earthly crimes and sins against heaven.

-blessed holy socks, the non-perishable-zealot said...

Grrr. Git some followers.