Friday, March 30, 2012

A Day Bradford Voters Will Regret

George Galloway "semi-Muslim" MP for Bradford West
Today will be marked as a day where Bradford voters will remember with shame and regret, for they have chosen the most tyranophile and insincere man in British politics who will sell his soul for money. George Galloway seems to have exploited the discontent by Bradford West voters with their mainstream candidates in their by-election and pulled the wool over their eyes by presenting himself as some kind of a Muslim crusader.

This former stooge of Saddam Hussein and his psychopathic son, Uday Hussein, who was prepared to denigrate himself on the Big Brother show for money by dressing up in a tight leotard and acting like a pussy cat drinking milk out of Rula Lenska's hand, went so far as to pretend to the Bradford Muslim community that he was the only Muslim in the village.

In this footage from one of his campaign rallies, he is introduced by StW activist, who goes on about consistency in justice and yet he forgets that StW are the most inconsistent of the campaigners. Then gorgeous George starts with "bismallah alrahman alrahim" and a few other Islamic vocabulary he has learned and tells the faithful that he does not drink alcohol. What more reason to vote for him?!

Who knows perhaps from now on UK parliament candidates will also circumcise themselves to win votes.

More than a hundred years ago during Iran's constitutional revolution, a hero of the revolution, Sattar Khan, an illiterate but wise freedom fighter and patriot was criticised by some of his supporters for having appointed a governor who drank alcohol. Sattar Khan replied to them, "I did not appoint a Friday Prayer leader for you, I appointed a governor, let me know if he is a bad governor"

It seems Sattar Khan was a wiser man more than 10 years ago than the Bradford West voters.
Below is the Iranian state TV's joy and delight at Galloway's win


Winston said...

disgusting. Galloway is a vile scumbag.

Juniper in the Desert said...

I know the BBC is not always reliable, but in this case they may be right: on the Radio 4 news today they said that mozlems were the ones who voted for him. They interviewed some English people who had not even heard of him. I believe he only only campaigned in moslem areas, where he put in a leaflet which said he was more mozlem than the Labour incumbent. 18,000 is not a large number in a place of around 77,000 people. this was a stealth operation.

Waybec said...

Yep, just like a vulture, good ol' oily George swoops in on yet another easy picking constituency! Cynically rising British Muslim rights to buy votes - while at the same time helping dictators and thug bully boys in lands abroad to crush human ones! Tis a pity that some voters can't even be bothered to scratch the surface of George's smug and disengenuous two-faces! He ain't interested in the people of Bradford. Only the carpet-bagging platform it now gives him to further spread his money-spinning hubris ego. More profit out of the Prophet! And just like his good oppressive friends Khamenei, Ahmadinejad, Nasrallah and Castro, George Galloway is also rank and file of these bearded bandits!