Sunday, April 22, 2012

When Political Retards Become US University Professors

What is it that makes an educated US woman with a PHD, so incredibly stupid and ignorant of the news about a country ruled by a religious tyranny which ultimately even threatens her own privileges and liberties?

Dr. Heather Gautney, seen in this video below, is at the centre of the latest batch of a US delegation of academic 'useful idiots' who accepted the invitation by the Islamic Republic to take part in a conference named 'Occupy Wall Street'  held in Tehran.

Heather Gautney has a PHD in sociology and the mind shudders to think what kind of sociologists will graduate from under her warped wisdom?

The rest of this gang of US tyranophile academics included her husband, Glen Kaplan, Alex Vitale from Brooklyn College and John Hammond from City University of New York.

If accepting this invitation from the Islamic Republic to take part in this farce of a conference was not bad enough, the sycophantic support of these retarded academics for the Islamic Republic is putting salt on the wounds of millions of victims of the repressive and corrupt regime in Iran.

In this interview by the Iranian state TV, Dr. Heather Gautney claims SHE DID NOT COME ACROSS EVEN ONE NEGATIVE point in her travel to Iran. Not even ONE negative point? Well piss off and live there you wretched moron and let one jailed Iranian academic come and live in US in your place.

It is up to the Iranian students studying in US colleges, to ensure these stooges of the Islamic Republic do not get away with their services to those who have murdered and imprisoned so many of our compatriots.


Juniper in the Desert said...

Anyone can do a sociology Phd, I have seen the calibre of applicants - in UK anyway. So long as you agree with every thing your tutor or recommended books tell you, you are assured of top marks.
BTW you only have to look at the idiot Obama who was supposed to be an expert in US constitutional law, who knows nothing about it in reality. No doubt as soon as they return they will get highly paid jobs advising the empty suit - I mean Obama.

Ray said...
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Neda Mehregan said...

She must surely have been paid handsomely for doing this. I can't honestly see anyone wanting to get involved with the IR unless there was some fat reward in it for them.
And yes of course there was nothing negative for her as an American citizen in Iran.
These people make me sick. They live in a free democratic country and enjoy all the privileges that go with yet make judgments on the Iranian people who have to live and endure daily humiliation, repression and brutality that they couldn't even imagine.
She has to be told of the damage and affront she is causing.

Anonymous said...

I think it is quite probable she didn't experience anything during her time in Iran.

Neither have I and I have lived there for nine months in total and the amount of negative things that I have experienced has been minimal.

To be honest, the thing that annoys me the most is the people in Iran who are extremely materialistic, lying/kolahbardari and dishonest (the supposedely 'high-classed' Tehranis anyway). Government people, police, airport staff are the most hospitable in my honest opinion.

Sadin said...

I won't doubt what Anonymous said -(although please don't be afraid to make yourself known with a name.) But if a certain quarter of Iranian's are extremely materialistic, then doesn't this prove the utter failure of a so-called religious and spiritual society? A failure due to the hypocrisy, greed, corruption and outright criminal dishonesty of the IRI theocratic tyranny!

Anonymous said...

"Government people, police, airport staff are the most hospitable in my honest opinion."

Of course they are. They are robbing Iranians' oil wealth blind. Talk about Kolhabardari..

You sound like a regime groupie...are you being paid well??

Anonymous said...

Well, these folks seem to abound in the West. When I was in the last years of Ceausescu we had a Nobel Prize winner telling us how good he was. The only thing one can do is to expose them again, and again, and again. It is boring, but it helps