Friday, April 27, 2012

Mr Prosecutor, how did it make you feel?

Narges Mohammadi is not a threat to Iran's national security, she is not a Western agent and she is not an infidel. She is a mother of two and an Iranian human rights activist who has campaigned for the abolition of the death penalty for minors under 18 in Iran. She is also an executive committee member of the National Council of Peace in Iran, a broad coalition of Iranian writers, artists, trade unionists and social activists who campaign against military action and war.

On 21 April this year, security agents arrested her from her home in Zanjan, before the eyes of her elderly mother and two young children and took her to serve her six year prison sentence.

Narges Mohammadi has developed an unexplained disease, likely to be due to the stresses of her interrogations, where she suddenly loses the control of her muscles and becomes temporarily paralysed.

Her arrest and the manner in which she was taken away from her children, has prompted Dr. Mohammad Maleki, Tehran University’s first Post-Revolution chancellor, who himself has spent several prison sentences in the Islamic Republic, to write an open letter to the Chief Prosecutor, Abbas Jafari-Dolatabadi.

In his damning letter to the Chief Prosecutor, titled "Be Afraid of People's Coming Fury", he says "It is clear how anyone with a grain of humanity would feel if he or she learned that your agents had entered the home of a sickly mother and had arrested her before the eyes of her elderly mother and two infants. Indeed, Mr Prosecutor, how did it make you feel? You must have felt you had achieved a huge victory!”

“What have the likes of Narges Mohammadi done to deserve the brutal behaviour of your agents? Was she an armed guerilla or a human rights activist?” Maleki adds. “You and your like-minded [associates] in the Judiciary, the Intelligence Ministry and other intelligence bodies have demonstrated that you are the enemies of freedom and tolerate no criticism in any shape or form from anyone.”

"Until when do you think you, your masters and other tyrants will be able to continue with your criminal acts?” the letter went on to add.

 Maleki, a former political prisoner himself, said the Judiciary was merely a tool at the hands of Iran’s hardliners and intelligence ministry. He called on Jafari-Dolatabadi to draw “lessons from the fate of other tyrants.”

 “Mr Prosecutor, we know that you, your judges and the Judiciary are powerless, and receive orders from above and carry them out. But be warned that tomorrow, it is you who will be held accountable. Take a look at history and learn lessons from the fate of others.”

 “Over the past 33 years, you’ve set our beloved Iran ablaze. Look around you, do you see anything other than corruption, theft, deceit, addiction and enmity? Rest assured that the Iranian people’s spring of freedom is near, and it will be too late for the oppressive rulers to be remorseful,” Maleki continued.

 Narges Mohammadi's case is yet another testimony to the insincerity of the peaceniks in the West. Surely if their true agenda was against military intervention and war only, they would have campaigned for the release a fellow peace activist in Iran like Narges Mohammadi. Instead they continue to remain silent on the human rights abuses by the tyrannical regimes and allow themselves to be used as a propaganda tool for the likes of regimes who imprison other fellow peace activists.


Waybec said...

And yet when I check into PressTV's website to see which of my Comments WON'T get published today - they'll gladly bang on about Abdulhadi Al-khawaja, the jailed Bahrani activist of course! OK, he should be released too, but as I've often said before - what I most dispise is PressTV and it's Regime's grandstanding from the point tyranny. The obscene hypocrites who only cry foul out of purely political and cynical gain rather than any proper human rights! So will PressTV report about the plight of Narges Mohammadi as I asked them in a Comment? Nah, not on your nelly! Because apart from being the paid off cowards who ignore their conscience - they're also part of the corrupted deceit and enmity Dr Maleki speaks off. Because never before has PressTV's Comment pages now become so 100 percent one sided, bigoted, nasty and even propaganda fascist in total support of it's foul Iranian and yes - even Syrian Regimes. So to all the good people of a Iran out there: When you do finally re-march for your belated Spring - please don't forget that it'll also 'be too late' for that liberty traitor entity PressTV -'to be remorseful.'

Sadin said...

Seem like Waybec is right. I check Press tv webpage comments too and there no interest in speaking truth about their own suffering people. Only things which might help their evil government. I try post comment too but nothing happen. All they interest in is hate. Hate for Israel, US, UK and even EU. In fact most comments just seem like lies posted from people who work for Press tv. The desperation of its regime. Please check web page if you no believe.

Juniper in the Desert said...

Off topic but interesting video from Frank Gaffney, showing how islamist Grover Norquist in USA, joining with shiites pro IRI, to crush democracy movement in Iran:

Anonymous said...

One could say the same about those in the west denouncing corruption, and human rights abuses by the tyrannical regimes but who say not a word about the countries they live in.